Tom Hanks: The Worlds First LARPER!!!

You’d never have guessed that the world’s first Live Action Role Player was Tom Hanks huh? Well it’s true in this 1981 movie Tom Hanks and friends are all amped up while playing a role playing game called “Mazes & Monsters” (sound like any other famous RPG) and decided to take it to the next level by dressing up and taking it into some dangerous caves near campus! What a great idea-I’d be totally down too! Unfortunately things go bad when Hanks starts to become utterly obsessed with the game, seeing monsters(RAD!) and thinking he’s his RPG character in real life(beleive me this is not a bad thing). Man I totally understand, It happens to me all the time!! Check out a few of these scenes from this cult classic that has been called the “Reefer Madness” of D&D!!  

This scene is where they get started with this fantastic idea!

Here’s where Hanks is starting to lose it! Still it looks pretty fun to me… 

Eventually Hanks goes missing, but really he’s on real life Quest as “Pardu” his RPG character!!

Lastly he travels through the sewers, mistaking a bum for a King …

Lastly he travels to the World Trade Center- The Two Towers….

mazes and monsters

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