World’s greatest fantasy music videos!! Queen!!!

So all this talk yesterday about Tom Hanks LARPING and this weekends return to my D&D adventure(we’ve had like a 3-week hiatus!) has got me thinking about what the BEST fantasy music videos of all time are! They have to have swords & scorcery in them and they have to be real music videos that the band made. So first up is none other than Queen with the theme song from Highlander “Princes of the Universe”!! Enjoy!! If you know of any let me know!



  1. Guy Boyman

    Best. Band. Ever.

    Oh wait, I already said that.

    I always thought it a damn shame that Queen never got tapped to do a James Bond theme. I can only imagine what their take on “The Living Daylights” would have sounded like. I’m guessing they would have written a better song too. That A-Ha tune never did much for me.

  2. Stevocarton

    Great video, if you like fantasy style rock, check out queens first two albums. Also check out a song called “my fairy king” by queen on YouTube. There is no official video, just photos of the band. It’s begging for somebody to make a fantasy video to accompany it.

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