Star Trek the movie = epic.

I had alot of doubts about the new Star Trek motion picture and like you may all know I’m pretty picky when it comes to the the things that I hold dear to me being put onto the big screen. I went into Star Trek with an open mind however and left the theater with my mind blown, already wanting a sequel! I must say Mr. Abrams was truely the man for the job, completely breathing exciting new life into the Star Trek franchise. This incredible movie exceeded all of my expectations. In fact it may even go down for me as the best Trek film ever.

star trek!

Originally, I had alot of doubts about our main man Chris Pine as the new James T. Kirk and while he was quite a bit different than the man we know and love he delivered the role on all levels. At times I must say though I did see a little bit of Shatner in his performance( though some people think I am just delusional ) , whether it was the way he spoke at times, or ran or even the way he crossed his legs while in the captains chair on the bridge. I was very pleased with him as the iconic Kirk and though I don’t think he’s better than Shat, he definately took the role and added something new to it while not being a laughable carbon copy. 

star trek 3

One person who really blew me away was Karl Urban as Leonard “Bones” McCoy. All  I can say is that he truely nailed the part. From the moment he walks on screen and opens his mouth there is no doubt he’s the perfect man for the job! Then there was Zachary Quinto as Spock who gave another amazing performance. Aside from looking exactly like Nimoy he also plays the part perfectly. It’s a little different take on Spock but in his younger years it truely made sense, his demeanor as he struggles between his human side and his vulcan side.  However one part I could have done without was the supposed romance between him and Uhura. It seemed a little forced, a bit out of place in the storyline and to be honest I was less than impressed with Zoe Saldana as Uhura. I think Simon Pegg was a great Scotty( plus I must admit I have a soft spot for Pegg ) and Anton Yelchin did a fine job as well as Chekov( I still think they should have straightened his hair! ).

star trek! 2

The plotline was amazing and while it completely changes the Trek universe as we know it it still keeps with the continuity of the previous movies. I thought Nero was a great villain, though a little more screen time for him would have been nice and I am so glad I read the ‘Star Trek: Countdown’ official movie prequel  before seeing the film. It really explains Spock and Nero’s relationship in a way that was not presented in the film itself. I highly recommend checking that out if you have not already! 


Go get “Star Trek: Countdown” the official prequel for the movie in trade paperback form NOW!

The movie’s effects were excellent, and while the cg was perfect it also had enough real make up and costuming to keep people like myself satisfied as well. The story was exciting and compelling too, but there is one moment of the film that really brings it all back home. The arrival of Leonard Nimoy as the much older Spock. This portion of the movie authenticates the whole experience, letting you know that you are indeed still watching Star Trek. It was by far my favorite part of the movie giving me chills and a big fat smile(Recently Nimoy stated he’s “on board for more Star Trek” if JJ wants him!).

So yeah Star Trek is officially “cool” even though in my eyes it always has been. This movie just reminded everyone how amazing these original characters turely are. They did this one right. It had heart, it had action, an amazing story and one thing it better have is a sequel because I want more! Here’s to Star Trek back on track in 2009! Who would have ever thought……


  1. OtterVomit

    Cadet to Captain in less than a week? Sorry, not even James T. Kirk is THAT bad ass. And poor nuSpock, all that heroic work and he gets…nothing at the end. No promotion, no recognition, nothing except to see some smart mouthed punk kid leapfrog over the entire crew into the captain’s chair. This movie was like a chocolate Easter Bunny – looks good on the outside but when you bite into it you find its ultimately hollow. It reeks of bad fan-fic with a 150 million dollar budget.

  2. Kirks Ghost

    “The best ever”….we’ll you have no credibility. I mean seriously better then TWOK. But this new movie was made for 12 year old Play Station ADD crowd of boys like yourself, so I’m not surprised.

    • 1frombeyond

      Hey, watch it or I’ll kick your ass….OUTTAAA HEEERRRE!

      Universaldork holds no prejudices towards 12 year olds, those with attention deficit disorder or playstations. I personally know many playstations that are very productive members of society. KEEP YOUR HATEFILLED STATEMENTS TO YOURSELF!!!

      Now, that’s strike one. You’ve only got 7 left!! Watch it, jackhole!!!

      • Chris

        Why are people so harsh about other peoples movie opinions???? Holy crap! Good job on smiting the one who needed to be smoten 1frombeyond!

      • petersaturday

        Hey!! Kirks Ghost just for your information buddy…i still play on a Gamecube!! p.s. How did you know i have ADD?!! damn!!

      • petersaturday

        Hey thanks 1frombeyond for havin my back! wanna get together and play some playstation tonight?!!!

  3. Chris

    Im a big fan of kahn but can anyone explain to me why everyone worships it so much ? Its good yes but I just dont understand why its most peoples fav. I like this new movie alot better.

    • petersaturday

      I love The Wrath of Khan!!! It would probably be my all time fav if Kirk and Khan would have went at it one more time hand to hand style like they did in “space seed”!! I think one reason it resonates so well with people is because it has ties in an episode from TOS. i think i like star trek 4 better myself! but then again what do i know-i loved the new movie! dammit!

      • 1frombeyond

        No prob MRSat! That jackhole needed to be taken down a peg. He better not mess around here like that again or it’s STRIKE 2!!!!!

  4. jessika

    the star trek movie was really awesome, and i totally want to see it again! i noticed the new kirk crossing his legs as well, and it made me think of shatner. and i also agree with the lame romance between spock and uhura.

    loooooved it otherwise.

  5. Highball

    It’s obvious that people who have garbage to say about this movie are not “serious” Trek fans… The shit was great!!! I wans’t happy with all the continuity “changes”, but all in all it WAS Trek and had everything I require in a great Trek film…wasn’t too happy about the transporting at warp speed thing…I recall they did that in an early episode of Enterprise….but they did refrence it…which was uncalled-for being that they tried to make an epic scene out of something redundant for people who know Trek…BUT THE MOVIE WASNT HALLOW AT ALL DAMNIT!!! I think that guys heads hollow, for even allowing that though to enter his dimwitted skull…arrrrrrr!!
    People are gunna think my heads hollow for suggesting that Dr. Soong and some bioengineered robot guys should be featured in one of the next films AS WELL AS JAZDIA DAX….she was in starfleet at the same time as those FUKKERS!!! NO?? didnt she have a relationship with Mccoy???
    Do it!!!
    gotta run just turned on my playstation and it lookin lonely!!!
    ciao kids

  6. Highball

    anyone else think adding Dax and Soong would to the mix would tie everything together neatly….or do you think its and impossibility cause the time-line is forever altered…
    they could always take this cast to the TNG timeline and fix things…

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