Revisiting ‘MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D’ on My New Big ASS TV!!

Yowza!! On Thanksgiving I decided to finally check out my “Bloody Valentine 3-D” DVD on my new giant TV. At least for me it’s quite big measuring in at 50 inches, it’s one of those new ones that spies on you for the government! But oh well that’s life in 2020, as long as the thing is BIG who cares right? I also have to note it’s NOT a 3D TV, so I was watching it from a relatively old dvd with the old school blue and red glasses.

Anyway I originally saw the movie back in theaters when it was released in 2009 and boy was it a bloody good time, the crowd was literally going wild at the insane 3-D effects and this one being the first of the new wave of 3-D films it was designed to awe audiences. Back when we had theaters to go to, it seems like every movie for a while was being released in 3-D and really didn’t have much to offer except a few too many extra bucks to your damn ticket price. So with my new TV I decided it was time to see if this flick held up or if the 3-D even worked at all as the DVD came with those classic old red and blue glasses they used to give you back in the 80s!

Before this the only movies I’ve ever seen in 3-D were ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ which was shown on TV back in the 80s and also I was lucky enough to see ‘Jaws 3’ in 3D in the theater as a kid with my older brother along with ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street- Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare ‘ with the wild 3-D ending. Anyway to my surprise I was pretty damn impressed with what a second at home viewing of ‘My Bloody Valentine 3-D’ had to offer on DVD on my new Big Ass TV. I’d say with confidence, If you’ve never seen this one you should probably check it out ASAP!!    

The original 1981 slasher classic is one of the best of the genre and I’ve always just kind of considered the 2009 movie 3-D more of a sequel than a remake. I wasn’t quite sure just how it’d hold up after years of 3-D in theaters, but it’s got a LOT of gory fun designed to pop off the screen into your living room and freak you the fuck out. Pic axes fly right at you, bullets zoom off the screen in slow motion directly at you, a fully naked woman franticly prances around as she attempts to escape the killer and the gruesome details of each kill are all there to behold in incredible old school slam banging 3-D! Sure the movie’s plot is flimsy as a frisby, the 3-D glasses make shit look kind weird and often times it’s plot plays like a 1969 Scooby-Doo episode, but back when it was released nearly 12 years ago it was a truly unique cinematic event.

Seeing it in the theater was quite a treat and the crowd went nuts as shit jumped off the screen at them in ways the 3-D Avengers movies would never dare. There’s also the addition to cult horror icon Tom Atkins (Halloween 3, Night of the Creeps, The Fog and many more!) that adds a certain degree of legitimacy to the whole affair as well. I know a days seeing a movie in 3-D probably doesn’t sound as cool as it used to, but this one I feel is still something very special and the perfect antidote to the orders to stay at home. There’s been so many watered down movies in 3-D over the years in theaters, but very few if any really that had the 3-D as the gruesome centerpiece. So if you got a big ass TV I suggest you grab this one in glorious 3-D and have a wickedly wild and crazy night at home!



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