After The Success of ‘Black Panther’…Who’s Next?!

Black Panther is clearly all the rage at the box office and it’s crazy that he wasn’t introduced sooner to the Marvel cinematic universe. We had to wait roughly 10 years for his solo flick since the MCU kicked off, maybe Marvel was strategically timing his arrival with current trends in the news and social media? Whatever the case thinking about the gigantic monetary success of ‘The Panther’ I’m certain people over at Disney/Marvel are scheming what characters will be the next smash sensation and I’m certain they’re considering just how the racial background of them might help bring in the big bucks once again. Let’s face it, the white dude superhero can clearly get a little stale sometimes. So who’re the top contenders that Marvel might introduce to the moviegoing public? Here’s my predictions and hopes:

Shang Chi: The Master of Kung Fu

Shang Chi is clearly at the top of the list when I think about what Marvel might have planned next after the success of The Black Panther. It seems like Marvel and Disney are pretty concerned about their Chinese audience when it comes to releasing new movies as they can make a ton of money there. So if they play their cards right perhaps the legendary Master of Kung Fu could woo audiences in the USA and abroad? I think so, imagine a Marvel Kung Fu flick done right with crazy over the top superhuman martial arts action on the big screen. They could achieve what they should have with Iron Fist and give everyone the action extravaganza they craved for the Netflix character. I’d love to see him come to life on the big screen, he’s a true classic character that deserves more respect..

The White Tiger:

Another awesome superhuman Kung Fu Marvel property could also bring something different to the plate. The White Tiger features the bad ass Puerto Rican Hector Ayala in the role of the superhuman martial artist often seen teaming up with the likes of Daredevil & Spider-man. Another lesser known but classic character, Hector gained superhuman powers from ancient mystic amulets to amplify his crazy kung fu abilities.

They might even incorporate his younger sister, Ava Ayala into the mix as she I believe is the latest incarnation of the character. Either one would be awesome, or perhaps both together using the amulets to fight crime would be a real treat to see grace the big screen!  


Alpha Flight

This Canadian super team just  doesn’t get enough respect, yet remains one of my all time favorites in the Marvel Universe. On the team there’s a nice diverse roster as well lead by Heather & James Hudson (who’s tragic death would be a great onscreen drama) and features native Canadian superheroes Shaman and his daughter Talisman who’re like Canada’s answer to Dr. Strange. Also Wolverine’s tuff as nails drinkin’ buddy ‘Puck’, (who’d be the first superhero person of short stature) as well as fan favorite Northstar, the first major gay superhero who revealed his sexually to the world waaaay back in 1992.  There’s some other great members of the team as well & I’m totally convinced their story would be quite legendary and compelling on the big screen. A true Marvel classic.


Kamala Khan: Ms. Marvel

Created in 2013, this version of the character is the first Muslim superhero to headline a comic book in the Marvel universe. The book got tons of praise and the character brought a whole new spin to the mantle. With Captain Marvel already filming for the MCU being their first female fronted flick it might cause confusion to common movie folk using the “Ms. Marvel” name but it’d still be awesome if they could find a way to pull it off. I think the USA needs an awesome Muslim superhero either way you spin it, and Kamala Khan should be the one who brings it to the masses.


American Eagle

Jason Strongbow (American Eagle) is a great yet unknown Native American Superhero who’s way more “American” than Steve Rogers. Making his appearance way back in 1981 Strongbow went on to make minor appearances in the Marvel Comics Universe, my favorite being in Thunderbolts #112-115 where his stereotypical  look is replaced with a cooler updated version of the character. Here the American Eagle shines as he goes toe to toe with some of Marvel’s most bad ass and scary supervillains. Superhuman strength, agility, hardened skin and the ability to run at 65 miles per hour (Ahhh thanks Wikipedia), I think this character could do some serious ass kicking onto the big screen and rep the true Americans for the Marvel Universe. 


Mile Morales: Spider-man

I thought “Spider-man: Homecoming” was a pretty good attempt at getting Peter Parker right in the MCU, but there’s something about the constant actor switch up of Parker since Tobey Maguire that’s kinda made the character a bit tired in my opinion. So why not have Miles Morales, an Afro/Latino youth bitten by a similar radioactive spider step up to the plate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Introduced in 2011 in the “Ultimate” Marvel Universe this character would be a breath of fresh air if Peter Parker retired or went on hiatus. I dig the idea of someone else kinda stealing the mantle of another superhero and Miles could even face off against Parker himself. Whatever the case Morales will eventually make it on the big screen in an animated movie, but I’m personally ready for him to take the live action mantle from Tom Holland.


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