More Recent Real Life Monster Sightings!?!

Real life monsters are something I wish we heard more about every damn day! Yeah there’s nothing quite like a good mysterious cryptid video surfacing. The only problem is that most of these, especially these days, can be easily faked digitally or of course with blurry cell phone footage to appear like something straight out of the X-Files. But not so fast folks!

Let’s take a look at some interesting videos quick of some supposed “real life  monsters” caught on film within the last year or so. The first one is a totally legit video, of a giant boar, dubbed “pigzilla” that’s got the internet in a frenzy today. I’m a huge fan of the 1984 Aussie flick “Razorback” (pictured in the photo above) and this monstrous pig in the video proves to be a real life version of the 80’s creature in the flesh!  

Moving on….What the hell is this?! This cool video features a seemingly big sea creature floating through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico recently. I’d hate to see this thing swimming beside me while snorkeling, some think it’s some sort of cephalopod, whatever it is it’s crazy to know things like this exist in the waters of planet Earth, real life aliens… 

Next is the recent weird ass moth with strange tentacle like protrusions coming from it’s body. I have seen this thing on social media pretty recently and had to check it out for a closer look. It seems from what the “experts say” this odd moth is using it’s scent glands which look like tentacles to attract a mate. That could be the case or perhaps it’s the beginning of an alien invasion of mutant hybrids! So yeah this thing is totally real and we can add it to the a long list off totally freaky looking moths.

Ok so this one is totally freaky, many have probably heard about this weird ass creature that crawled out of a toilet in Malaysia and caught on video recently. I don’t know what the hell I’d do if I encountered this thing in my home. So I had to see if there was any additional info on what this thing actually is or perhaps if it’s a hoax? From what I found online it’s still uncertain what this thing is. Some think it’s a snake, but it looks more like a giant leech to me. Whatever the case if I ever visit Malasia I’m gonna have to just go behind the bushes instead of using a bathroom!

Lastly is this video of some dudes motorbiking down some trails in Indonesia and coming across a small humanoid who darts off down the trail only to outrun the cyclists and dart off into the woods. Is this proof of the lost Pygmy tribes? It according to Snopes remains a mystery. My gut feeling is that this is some CG trickery but who knows… 

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