Astral Projection: The Theater Method!

I’ve expressed my interest in lucid dreaming here at Universal Dork a couple times in the past and today I thought I’d take a moment to talk about ‘astral projection’. First though, if you’re not quite sure what lucid dreaming is let me make it simple, it’s when you have a very vivid dream and something within the dream triggers you to become aware that you are dreaming (movies like Inception & Dreamscape are good examples). In many of these cases often with a little practice and focus you can learn to have them quite regularly. To be honest it makes movies like ‘Inception’ feel pretty boring. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve experienced and  anyone can do it with a little effort.

There’s another practice that’s linked to lucid dreaming called ‘astral projection‘, also known as an ‘out of body experience’ or OBE. I’ve worked a ton on different methods to experience this phenomenon with various degrees of success. I can tell you with honesty that it’s lead to the most bizarre & unexplainable experiences of my existence. I’m to this day a bit uncertain exactly what astral projection really is at it’s core, some believe it’s just an elaborate lucid dream while others believe it’s the complete separation of consciousness from the physical body. I intend to find out for myself what the truth really is behind it. Thus far I’ve had several unexplainable experiences that have lead me to believe that perhaps there’s abilities humans have that involve being able to enter into different dimensions of existence that are not of our physical material world. It’s also made me question heavily my beliefs on life after death. Perhaps there’s more to us than just our bodies of flesh and bone?  



Now I know to some this all probably sounds like a bunch of bullshit and to others who’ve seen the movie ‘Insidious’ the whole thing perhaps sounds frightening. I’m going to say astral projection is something you CAN experience just like in the recent movie ‘Doctor Strange’ & you don’t need some sort of special talent to tap into it. Anyone can do it if they feel like dedicating some time and are willing to let go of all the things that you believe to be true. An open mind is the most important thing and second is to have some fun with it when you try. That being said I’ve developed a little method that has triggered some truly strange results. I call it “The Theater Method”, as one of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. Astral projection involves some focus and some visualization to get started. So what I do is grab an eye mask, lay down and get comfortable preferably not in your bed, as your body may recognize this as a place to sleep. I’d say the best time to try this is either in the afternoon or perhaps after you wake up after sleeping for a few hours. I usually try it after I wake up and pee in the middle of the night(sorry TMI, I know). You don’t want to go back to sleep right away, you want to stay awake for 15-30 minutes at least, maybe read a comic book or something but nothing to strenuous. Interrupted sleep is a great method as you’r mind is already close to the state of REM sleep which can aid you greatly to tap into astral projection. You can try this pretty much at any time of the day though. Next you want to get comfortable, perhaps on the couch or in another room put your eye mask on. Focus on getting into a position where you won’t need to move again, you’d like to keep every part of your body as still as possible.

Next is where my “Theater Method” is utilized. Once you have the eye mask on you want clear your mind of all the thoughts that might usually crowd it. Focus only on the blackness in front of you with your eyes closed, picture yourself in a theater, picture walking down the aisle and getting a nice seat with a great view of the movie screen. I imagine I am there alone for a mystery movie viewing, then I imagine the lights dim to black and directly in your vision is the dark movie screen awaiting projection. This is where I begin to take deep breaths and count each one in my own head as I wait for the “movie” to begin on the screen. It’s important to keep a dialogue going in your head as well, the last thing you want to happen is to fall asleep. I like to keep focused by saying to myself “what movie will I see on screen today?” while focusing on the black screen while taking deep breaths, eventually if you are patient you’ll slowly begin to see CEV’s or closed eye visuals, these are usually small colorful dots of dim light that will materialize that begin to swirl, brighten and change shape. If you begin to see these you’re on the right track, seeing these while still conscious is very important to the process. Keep the dialogue going in your head, you want to remain awake, perhaps even repeating “you are awake, follow the patterns of color and shape”. Soon the CEV’s will begin to materialize slowly into images, like photos or even scenes played “on the theater screen” in front of you. Once you begin to see images or hallucinations that is when you begin to focus on leaving your physical body. Picture yourself rising from your seat & continue the dialogue in your mind. I like to chant to myself “stay focused, stay calm and separate”.

What happens next is perhaps the most perplexing, you will likely feel the sensation of physically rising or being pulled, while hearing odd pulsating noises & then experiencing vibrations similar to sitting on a motorbike with a high idle. If you can remain calm you will eventually push through into ‘another dimension’ or perhaps seeing your physical body below you. I know it all sounds crazy and many believe it’s merely a hypnotic lucid dream triggered by the pineal gland releasing DMT into your body. I was extremely skeptical of it all even though I’ve had intense lucid dreams periodically throughout most of my life. To be honest I have never fully made it past the vibrational state mentioned earlier, though I’ve some close and seen some very strange things while trying to ride it out. I’m working on it now but what I can tell you is that if you do give astral projection a serious shot there is most definitely a reality to the entire experience that you just have to experience yourself firsthand. The transitional stage is so intensely mind boggling that many believe it’s physical & auditory properties of the experience represents the side effects of human consciousness fully separating from the physical body. I don’t know yet what I believe entirely but what I do know is that I have never experienced ANYTHING like it in my entire life until recently, in any dream or any intense lucid dream. I am perplexed to find out for myself what comes after the transitional vibrational state and compare it to my most vivid lucid dreams. Let me know what you think about all this, does is sound like science fiction? Are you willing to find out for yourself?!  

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