Comic Review: The Dregs #2 Continues The Meanest Mystery In Town!

The Dregs is easily one of the most compelling comic books out there. After a amazing first issue this new series from Black Mask keeps this unique mystery building, leaving you with plenty to think about after the last page. We’ve got one of the most original books on the shelves that breaks the mold of of anything you’re likely reading at the moment. Issue #2 starts off with a bang as we follow the exploits of Arnold, a homeless addict who’s hell bent on solving the mystery of a missing friend named Manny who’s seemed to vanish into thin air from the streets. The first issue also let us in on something incredibly sinister going on in the gentrified area of of the city where it appears that a hip bougie restaurant was serving up plates of food with people on the menu.


I don’t want to give too much away about the plot but the second issue delivers the tension, mystery & then some. The opening sequence of it sets a dark tone unlike many other comic book I’ve read. This series is full on grit and hits some serious issues in our society you rarely ever see in the pages of comic books. Aside from those the story doesn’t rely entirely on social commentary to be interesting, it’s pages bring about a truly creepy and hopeless air that’s hard to shake. The light at the end of the tunnel looks very, very dim at this point.


The book’s unlikely protagonist continues down a dark path and comes face to face with the very people who intend to make him their next meal. His cunning and courage used to evade his demise gives us a clue that perhaps he wasn’t always this down on his luck. The series so far is one of the strongest two issues I’ve read in quite some time and I really can’t wait to see where this story goes, it could be anyone’s guess at this point and that’s one of my favorite things about this story so far. We’ve got a handful of  perplexing clues that will likely fit into this puzzle but thus far leave us wondering at times if perhaps Arnold even has the strength or state of mind to see this through. The chips are definitely stacked against this guy.

I’m rooting for the character to kick the habit, clear his mind and bring the house of cards crumbling the fuck down. The Dregs so far IS the ultimate story of the ultimate underdog. It gives us a interesting look too into what life on the street might actually be like. We get a glimpse into the hardships of the homeless and the very real culture of that society that appears invisible to most people. We’re introduced to a broad spectrum of characters and right now I don’t think I’d trust anyone for certain. There’s a devious mystery afoot here and it’s one I’ll most definitely be back for next month. Razor sharp, though provoking writing paired with some excellent artwork, check it out if you’re looking for something really unique, The Dregs does not disappoint!

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