Happy Halloween: The Creepiest Superheroes of ALL Time!

It’s Halloween officially today and it’s time to take a look at some of the creepiest superheroes of all time. We all know most superheroes are usually super pretty, handsome & wholesome, but not all of them folks. There are some creepy heroes out there willing to put their necks on the line for the earth against evil. They’re not enough of them in my opinion this Halloween let’s take a look at a few that deserve their time in the spotlight!

The Son of Satan 

Yeah sure the Son of Satan is a bit of a pretty boy but hey who cares he’s the muthafuckin’ son of the damn Devil!! Daimon Hellstrom appeared way back in 1973 in Ghost Rider and started out as an occult investigator and exorcist. This guy is legit and even battled his dad a few times too. He had a tough time getting used to living among humans but hey props to the son of the devil for giving it an honest shot!

Lilith Drake

Here we have another sibling of evil, Marvel’s Lilith Drake is the daughter of Dracula and she vowed that her life goal would be to kill him! She’s a bit of a confused character for good reasons and has clashed with other superheroes while trying resist her blood lust. She’s also though teamed up with the likes of Brother Voodoo and Doctor Strange. At the end of the day you just really don’t wanna mess with Dracula’s spawn because you can never be sure what type of mood she’ll be in when you cross paths!


Brother Voodoo

I love Brother Voodoo, he appeared way back in 1973 and he’s gone down in Marvel history as Doctor Strange’s equal. With a real name as cool as Jericho Drumm it’s clear this guy is the real deal. Where ever there’s some creepy as shit going down you can bet Brother Voodoo isn’t far behind. In 2009 he replaced Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme, Brother Voodoo is legit and needs more love in the Marvel Universe.



Ok well who doesn’t know who the hell Spawn is? This dude has been super popular since the 1990’s and even got his own movie. Spawn remains one of the creepiest superheroes of all time. He without a doubt deserves to be included here! Spawn first appeared in 1992 via Image comics.


Simon Dark

This dude was created in the DC universe by horror king Steve Niles and his story was set in Gotham City. I really enjoyed this creepy tale of this totally oddball vigilante who sets out to destroy the very cult that created him. He’s got a ton of supernatural powers and watches over Gotham keeping check on the city’s supernatural events. Check out the series that ran from 2007-2009 it’s a ton of fun!



This guy is the king of creepy in the DC universe and he’s been around since the late 1960’s. He was a trapeze artist in the circus when he was murdered during a performance, coming back to life his ghost went on the hunt for his killer. He’s since been a major player in many of DC’s occult adventures. He more recently joined ‘Justice League Dark’ and will even be featured in an upcoming movie, so everyone get ready soon for Deadman mania! 

Ghost Rider

One of the hands down coolest superheroes ever and easily one of the creepiest, Ghost Rider needs no introduction. Heck Nic Cage even made two horrible movies where he stared as Johnny Blaze and now he’s joined the cast of Agents of Shield TV show. This crazy motorcycle riding (or now car drivin’) maniac remains an icon of the Marvel Universe and has been part of plenty of the creepiest comic book adventures of all time.



Here’s another cool creepy Marvel superhero introduced in the 80’s. He’s also been a prominent member of  The Defenders second incarnation. Issac Christians was trapped inside the body of a gargoyle. He lived a rough life & while studying the occult he made a deal with a demon to right his previous wrongs. I always loved this character as a kid and the covers to his 1980’s mini series are some of the coolest around. A great more obscure monster superhero…


Madame Xanadu

This rad master of the occult appeared way back in 1978 in DC comics’ Doorway  to Nightmare #1. Since she’s been become a member of Justice League Dark. She’s a master of the tarot cards which she uses to utilize her supernatural abilities. She had her own series in 2008 and was a main character in the Demon Knights series, if there’s something strange in the neighborhood and the Ghostbusters aren’t available you might wanna look up Madame Xanadu!


Swamp Thing / Man-Thing

Ok, last but not least are the two coolest (in my opinion) creepy superheroes of all time. Swamp Thing & Man-Thing really go hand in hand in Marvel & D C universe. Both appeared on the scene in 1971 and I’m not certain who came first. I am willing to bet one is a copy of the other, and both have had movies made. As far as appearance goes I think Man-Thing is the creepier of the two but as far as a superhero, I’m going to have to say Swamp Thing is one of the most fleshed out characters in comic book history. These two top the list as the creepiest superheroes of all time!







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