Six New Horror Movies To Get Psyched About!

Halloween is right around the corner come October & you’ll have every right to watch as many horror movies as you want any damn night you want! So naturally being a huge horror hound myself I’m always on the hunt for some quality flicks to look forward to. So today I’ll give you a quick list of six movies (One short and five features) I think have a shot at delivering the goods in the horror department! I’m usually a tough cookie to please so hopefully my predictions will pan out here and we’ll soon be watching five cool horror movies….here goes nothing!

The Stylist

I’m going to start this little list off with an excellent trailer for an intriguing looking short horror film about a hair stylist with some seemingly sinister plans of her very own. I dig this idea for a horror story as I can’t really think of anything quite like it off the top of my head.

After discovering the trailer online by chance I checked out some more of the director, Jill Gevargizian’s short films and they pack an incredibly healthy dose of creep out horror in such small packages, considering most of them are under ten minutes in length . Here’s the trailer for The Stylist:



Beyond The Gates

Here’s another movie with a super duper unique story that I’m super excited about. Beyond the Gates follows a two brothers who reunite after their father’s passing at his old video store. Surrounded by a tons of video tapes they discover an old VHS horror board game and decide to check it out one evening. Of course this is no ordinary board game it’s got some serious evil attached to it.

Just the premise of this gets me excited, I’m a big fan of old VHS and as a kid spent a ton of time at the video store wandering through the horror section. I also recently acquired the old VHS board game “Nightmare” from 1990 so I feel like this movie really hits a sweet spot. The trailer looks great and plus we get Barbara Crampton as the spooky VHS gamemaster! Plus I totally dig the poster so sign me up!


The Windmill

Here’s a new Dutch horror film with an  great trailer that’s packed with creepy atmosphere and folklore. It involves a group of people on a tour of the countries famed windmills only problem is the gang gets stranded in the middle of nowhere when the bus breaks down.

They soon learn of a demonic history of killer local who’d sacrifice people in the windmills for an evil entity. The trailer for this one looks right up my alley and I’m always a sucker for supernatural slashers. This looks to be a step above the usual fare the genre has to offer.


Phantasm: Ravager

Finally! The real trailer for Phantasm Ravager has dropped! I’ve been looking forward to this one for a loooong time being that Phantasm is easily one of my favorite horror franchises. This one finds us without the legendary Don Coscarelli directing so I’ve got my fingers crossed that Ravager will live up to all the hype and to the expectations of the fans.

I really think all of the Phantasm movies are super solid, my favorite being Phantasm II, which I put right up against Evil Dead II!! What do you think of the trailer for the new movie? You think a different director can pull off a classic? Either way it should be epic for the very reason that it’s Angus Scrimm’s final performance as the Tall Man!


Dead Awake:

Being a super into stuff like lucid dreaming, out of body experience’s & astral projection really helped fuel my love for the ‘Insidious’ franchise. I was intrigued by the documentary ‘The Nightmare’ as sleep paralysis accompanies astral projection right before your consciousness separates from the physical body. It’s quite a bizarre experience and now we’ve got a horror movie that seems to take into account all of the freaky things that have been reported by those who’ve experienced the phenomena known as sleep paralysis.

The trailer for Dead Awake looks pretty cool, for me I hope it delves deep into the mystery of it & Astral Projection a bit as well. It’s got a bit of an Elm Street vibe to it which I totally like as well. I also must admit I’ve got a bit of a guilty pleasure being the ‘Final Destination’ franchise and this one is from it’s creator. We’ll see if it does this odd experience any justice…


Don’t Kill It

Yeah this one looks hokey as hell but hey I’ve got a huge soft spot for Dolph Lundgren and I’m always willing to give him a chance. Sure he hasn’t made to many cool movies over the more recent years, I did enjoy the Expendables trilogy, but here we’ve got Lundgren giving the horror genre another shot. I think the idea of Dolph as an old demon hunter has serious potential. This however could be a total miss but hey at the very least you’ll get to watch Dolph do what he does best..kick some ass!

It’s directed by Mike Mendez, who’s done some kinda stupid movies like big Ass Spider! and one I actually really kinda liked called The Gravedancers. He’s also got a new one coming out soon called ‘The Last Heist’ starring Henry Rollins, which doesn’t look too stellar, but like this one, it’s got a good leading man so I’ll likely check that one out too.  So it’s anyone’s guess here, I’ll check it out though!




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