Comic Cover of the Week: When Wolverine Was Still Badass!

Remember when Wolverine was truly awesome?! No? Well it’s been a long while since Wolverine was a mysterious, weird looking, bar brawlin’, little runt with indestructible razor sharp claws. Now he’s Old Man Logan because X-23 is the female Wolverine. Now he’s been in a bunch of mainstream movies with a tall, hot, hunky leading man playing him. He’s been way overexposed over the years so Marvel could fully cash in on big time profits. He’s hardly a mysterious character anymore.  Wolverine is much like say, the band Metallica in 2016, a watered down, bland, tired version of the badass metal band they were in the 1980’s. Wolverine however didn’t always used to be this way believe it or not way back when he was the epitome of cool. He was so damn awesome back in the 1980’s even the indie comics couldn’t come up with a character who was half as kick ass as ol’ Logan. Yep  Marvel had their shit fully together and they knew it. Back in the 1980’s the X-men were something special and over the years they’ve become a gang of predictable, mega mainstream pop culture icons. Well back when Wolverine was a scary dude the X-Men was really the only place you could find this character monthly until 1989 when he finally got his own series. Here’s an example of how awesome the character was in the 80’s. Another amazing cover from the master Barry Windsor Smith….




  1. targo76

    I miss the good old days of Wolverine and the X-Men. Sometimes when I feel really homesick for the past I break out the Meltdown mini-series to remember how brutal and awesome Logan was.

    • petersaturday

      Yeah man, we are on the exact same page, I just pulled out the meltdown series THIS week!!! He looks especially weird in that series…I also love the first Frank Miller /Claremont limited series, I loved his old hairdo too and as a kid he was such a weird character to me. We always have those old back issues I guess…

      • targo76

        Yeah, love his rosy nose in meltdown. Makes him look like the hard drinker he was. I think the beginning of the end of “our” Wolverine was when he lost his healing factor for a bit and he said without it he couldn’t smoke cigars or drink. Than after the whole origin, I was done. I always return to the old days when it was hinted that he could have been a viking, warrior, or just an immortal badass

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