Comic Cover of the Week: The Gargoyle By Bernie Wrightson Can’t Be Beat!

When it comes to outstanding comic book covers by truly incredible artists The Gargoyle #1 is one of the best! A relatively obscure Marvel character got his own limited series in 1985 and was also a member of The Defenders around this time as well. Who better than to get to draw this monstrous superhero? Bernie Wrightson laid it onto paper like a true champ and gave us one of the best covers of his career! All four covers for this series are actually pretty incredible but this one takes the cake… 


  1. Alastair Savage

    Bernie Wrightson is such a great artist! Was he the interior artist too? I always hated it when you bought a comic for the cover and then discovered the story itself was by a different (usually inferior) artist. I felt like I’d had my pocket picked.

    • petersaturday

      yeah when the cover art was amazing and then the inner art sucked! that always bummed me out!!

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