wiFree : The Future of the World as We Know It?!

There’s a cool little project of grand proportions that recently came to my attention that could change the world as we know it! This cool Kickstarter campaign intends to pose some big questions about the future of our modern society and the radical change technology casts upon our world. wiFree will be a short film offered to everyone on the internet for free upon it’s completion, now that’s something we can all get behind!

The short will tackle some questions about modern technology and the human gods that deliver it all to us. Most fascinating is premise, where a Steve Jobs type character dying of a terminal illness decides to unleash ground breaking new product that would provide free energy to the people of the world. Sounds wonderful huh? Well guess what, a situation like that might be the biggest threat to the giant corporations who’re behind the curtain of our pulling the strings of our elected officials. wiFree presents a grand conspiracy to silence real change for the betterment of the planet by those trusted govern  over us.


What I really enjoy about this concept is that it could actually happen (or might have already) in this day and age if the right person suddenly decided to put people far above profit. It’s clear the powerful elites might do anything to protect their empire and wiFree seems ready to show the great lengths they’re willing go to stay on top. This project already sounds incredibly intriguing in it most early stages. From watching the pitch video I’m also  feeling a bit of influence from films like Kung Fury (and maybe a bit of Tron) in it’s intentionally unreal stylized visuals. Creator Nathan Stueve is looking to raise $22,000 and with that behind the project, if funded, I think he’ll really be able to bring the visual effects and action to a whole new level.


I totally dig science fiction with something to say, something that often leaves you perplexed and starts real conversation. wiFree seems like a great little flick to get behind and it’s content is perfect in today’s world of greedy tech giants and political elitism. Get the full scoop here and support some indie sci-fi film making that’s truly made for for the people and not profit….

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