The Grand Budapest Hotel: Action & Adventure Wes Anderson Style!

Wes Anderson has clearly outdone himself again with his new movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. It seems to me that Anderson is getting better with every new movie he releases lately. Moonrise Kingdom topped the list as my fave film from him, however I have to say I think this new entry takes the cake. To a certain degree you know what you’re in store for, something beautiful, funny and a little odd. I’m going as far to say that this much like Moonrise Kingdom is a full on comedy and a damn good one at that.


Great comedies are hard to come by these days and it seems Anderson has really upped the ante here again. It’s really less of an inside joke anymore as The Grand Budapest Hotel is likely to appeal to anyone and i mean that in the best way possible. It’s packed with laugh out loud moments and filled to the brim with amazing characters. Each of them with a cartoony charm, in a way it almost feels like an animated film as the characters are truly larger than life.


It’s also an excellent period piece as the bulk of the story takes place in the 1930’s. As you expect with Anderson it’s filled with rich, vibrant imagery and a fully compelling story. It follows the exploits of  Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) the hotel’s concierge and his side kick “Zero”(Tony Revolori) the lobby boy. And what a team these two make.


The pair are truly charming together and Zero’s enthusiasm to serve the hotel’s need to his fullest and impress Gustave bring some hilarious scenarios to the table. Things get quite intriguing quickly as Gustave is accused of murder and they both go on the run from the law and try to escape being offed by the ridiculously deadly killer J.P. Jopling in one of Willem Dafoe’s best roles to date.


You see many of the usual suspects of an Anderson film all making appearances like, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and my personal favorite here Adrien Brody who plays the dastardly villain here, looking like  he walked straight out of an animated Disney movie from the 30’s.


Lastly this one is totally action packed too. It’s filled with adventure, a ton of incredibly breathtaking locations, romance and a decent share of drama. Add this all together and you’ve got one helluva fun night at the theaters. This should be on the awards list for 2014, I highly recommend this one as it hits on so many different levels, if it hits your town check this out instead of your usual mindless Hollywood regurgitated trash-you’ll be happy you did!



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