The Wolverine Sequel: Top 5 Classic Comic Storylines for the Next Movie!

So today we got the news that Hugh Jackman and James Mangold will be back for another solo Wolverine adventure. I say this is good news overall as “The Wolverine” was actually pretty decent until it’s out of place cartoony finale. It was a solid PG-13 attempt at telling a classic yet highly altered Wolverine movie comic book adaptation taken from the legendary Chris Claremont / Frank Miller limited series from 1982. They almost pulled it off too, until in the film’s final act when Mangold suddenly remembered he was making a Hollywood blockbuster and shoved a giant robot version of The Silver Samurai down our throats….uggh…Hollywood can really be the pits sometimes.


So anyway I’ve put together five classic Wolverine stories from the comic books that should be contenders for the next movie. At this point it’s common knowledge they’ll butcher some part of the story, but hey a guy can dream right? So listen up all you Hollywood numbskulls cause here at Universal Dork you’ll get my guidance toward making a movie that Wolverine flick fans deserve. Before I start the list though let me set up a few rules for the next flick.

First make this damn installment “Rated R”! The fans have spoken, we want some blood and guts in the next film. I wanna see him slice some people’s arms off, cut people in half ect ect. There’s no way a guy with adamantium claws wouldn’t cause a complete bloodbath while in battle. So give us some realism this time. Second let’s keep the story and visuals consistent if it’s gonna be cartoony then keep the whole flick that way, don’t insert some cartoon bullshit into an otherwise serious storyline. Keep with the tone of the movie. Lastly lets keep it character driven, keep it personal and let’s not get too many other characters or mutants in the mix, the last film was good in this way. Wolverine wasn’t saving the world, he was on a personal mission. These stories are where he works best, as a loner, when he’s out in the real world, drinkin’ at the bar and some serious shit goes down. Ok now onto my plot suggestions:

#5. Old Man Logan- This was quite an interesting modern Wolverine storyline and since Jackman is getting a bit older this might be a great one to make into a movie. However there could be some problems as The Hulk and Hawkeye are owned now by Disney. Perhaps they could settle on something that’d make it possible for these characters to cross over? Or Maybe this movie could be filmed in 10 years from now when Jackman is truly age appropriate for the story line. A futuristic Wolverine story with Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye would be pretty awesome and of course seeing Logan take on The Hulk would be quite a treat as well!!


#4. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine:  Movie based on the 1984 mini-series could be a great sequel to “The Wolverine” as it takes Logan and Kitty Pryde who would of course be played by Ellen Page, who’s already stated she wants to make a solo film of her character from the movies, on an adventure together. So what better way to do this than add Jackman into the mix and kill two birds with one stone? It’d take them both back to Japan and we could all get the movie that The Wolverine just narrowly missed being! They’d have to promise though NOT to make Wolverine’s legendary foe ‘Ogun’ into a giant robot however! I’m not sure they could resist!


#3. Madripoor: Some people forget that Wolverine spent quite a long time in the tropical island of Madripoor trying to escape the public eye. While there he had many adventures where he adapted his legendary “Patch” persona in the late 1980’s. This would be a great setting for Logan to spring into action and I could already see a sort of Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone vibe fitting into the big screen adaptation. This a a great era of Wolverine and filled with some of my favorite foes. We could follow him as he battles Razorfist, Bloodsport and Roughouse who’re enforcers of an unknown crimelord that Logan accidentally pisses off while drinking at The Princess Bar from the comic books which he eventually becomes an owner of. This one would be a helluva lot of fun!


#2. Wounded Wolf: I’ve gotta say X-Men #205 is probably the BEST solo one shot Wolverine adventure in comic book history. Not only is is beautifully illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith but it’s one of the most violent Marvel one shots of the 80’s. The premise is simple, Wolverine is on the run, beaten to a pulp in an icy snow storm where he’s helped by the five year old mutant Katie Power, from Power Pack (remember them?) to survive the night against Lady Deathstrike and the cyborg Hellfire trio who Wolvie slaughtered in X-men #133.  Or heck bring on all the classic cyborg Reavers led by Donald Pierce! I picture this being the grittiest R-rated of the bunch, they could bring back Lady Deathstrike from X2 but make her much more sinister this time around and give her the classic look from the comics. I picture this one being ultra violent and playing out more like Wolverine injected into the original Terminator movie. I say in the movie bring on all of the Reavers it’d make for quite a epic battle, and more cyborgs for him to dice up…


#1. Wolverine and Alpha Flight: It seems all is well in the Wolverine movie universe, that is until Alpha Flight shows up to take Logan back to Canada! This would be my pic for the next Wolverine movie, seeing Alpha Flight(one of my all time favorite super teams) on the big screen would alone be enough for me to shell out the money for multiple viewings!


It’d not only be great to see them take on Wolverine but it’d also be a great opportunity to show flashbacks of his past as he’s found roaming the woods naked after his Weapon X transformation and taken in by Alpha Flight’s leaders James and Heather Hudson(another red head Logan has a thing for by the way). The Alpha Flight is actually a huge part of his past, he was trained by them and set to be their leader. They could do a lot with this part of his past and maybe even work in the Weapon X plotline into this one as well. Also it’d be the perfect platform to introduce Northstar, the first major gay superhero to the world.


This part of his past hasn’t been expanded on enough in the comics and it’d make for a great movie. I predict that they could make a great spin off Alpha Flight flick that’d be far more popular than Guardians of the Galaxy! What do you think should be the plot of the upcoming sequel?

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