Modok Exposed! Sexy Comic Book Cover of the Week!!

Modok is easily one of my fave Marvel villains of all time and that’s why I had to add this awesome cover for Captain America #313 from 1986 by probably my fave comic book artist of all time Mr. John Byrne! This one always kinda gave me the creeps because it showed Modok who’s easily one of the strangest Marvel villains with his pants down! By that I mean we see the guy without his armor chair which normally covers most of his body. This story was titled “Mission: Murder Modok!” and it featured one of my personal fave super villain teams the “Serpent Society” as they attempted to assasinate him! Seeing Modok on the cover laying on his back like a big cryin’ baby with his little body(he can’t walk because his head is too big) was kinda like when as a kid I’d see my pet hermit crab walking around at night without his shell searching for a larger one. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a hermit crab without it’s shell, but it’s pretty weird, It freaked me the fuck out! This is a cool cover and a rare glimpse of Modok “undressed”!!!



I really hope that Modok makes it into the Marvel cinematic universe-he’d be such a fun villain to see on the big screen! Hopefully they would go with animatronics and puppetry rather than CG, it’d be quite a site! If hadn’t already noticed someone did indeed put a Modok inspired character into a movie already – the 1996 flick “Head of the Family” !

Total Modok rip-off!!! But you can see how cool of a villain he would be on the big screen!!

Oh yeah and then there’s THIS!





  1. In My Not So Humble Opinion: the Writings and Ramblings of Ben Herman

    I remember this one really well. MODOK vs the Serpent Society. I was about ten years old when this came out. My father had gotten me a subscription to Captain America. Mark Gruenwald had been slowly building up to this big battle for three or four months. When this issue finally arrived in the mail, I was so happy.

    This issue was also the beginning of Diamondback’s long infatuation with Cap. She initially didn’t want to kill him because he was a “hunk.” Who’d have thought that sort of shallow thinking would eventually lead to her redemption? Rachel Leighton became a favorite character of mine. I even have the original corner box art to “The Bloodstone Hunt” drawn by Kieron Dwyer, which has Diamond longing for Cap, with a little broken heart above her head. As a teenager, I thought it was really sad & moving.

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