The Indestructible Hulk and Walt Simonson!

I had to take a second here just to say how pumped I am that starting with issue #6 of The Indestructible Hulk we will be getting an old school artist taking the reigns. Yep Walt Simonson will be doing a three issue arc of the book which is also going to feature his old buddy The Mighty Thor which Walt is most famous for! So there’ve been a few preview panels / covers on the web so I thought I’d post ’em here as well. I’m excited about this as Simonson has been a fave of mine since I was just a kid. I’ll admit that his most recent work on The Avengers with Bendis seemed pretty rushed and sloppy. This however is a three issue stint and hopefully he took his time with the art. So far so good I would say though, wouldn’t you?


Simonson used to do some Hulk artwork in the old days too, mainly for The Rampaging Hulk, a Hulk magazine comic book which was one of my all time favorite reads..



  1. Rob

    Simonson’s published work has only ever been as good the skills of his inker and colorist. If you go back and revisit the X-Factor run he did with his wife, Weezie, you’ll notice that the style seems to change once the other members of the art team get swapped out. Walt’s pencils remain consistent, a mix of stylized realism and cartoon, but the quality of inking and coloring can shift it from one extreme to the other.

    Poor inking can give turn beautiful pencils into a muddy mess at one extreme. At the other, poor inking can destroy his pencils, a problem that’s all too common these days. With poor coloring, his work can be made to look anywhere from overproduced to oversimplified.

    IMO, his best art partners were always Bob Wiacek on inks and Petra Scotese on colors.

    My ONLY problem with Walt’s art these days is that his characters tend to smile in panels where they shouldn’t. It’s what I call “Greg Land Syndrome” or “Jokeritis”. =) Simonson seems to default to smile poses even in grim stories, which is off-putting.

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