Walt Simonson What Happened?!

I have done several posts here about how the “old dog” comic artists need to come back and show the young’ins how it’s done. I have ranted about John Byrne, Mike Zeck, Barry Windsor Smith and Walt Simonson. Well I guess I am going to eat my words here as I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Walt Simonson’s latest artwork well kinda….SUCKS. There I said it. It’s out there on the table. I was initially thrilled to find out that him and Bendis were teaming up for the latest running arc of The Avengers but upon initially seeing the artwork I was stunned at just how terrible his skills have gotten over the years. So what gives? Did he just forget how to draw? Was he rushed and didn’t give a shit? Or am I crazy and maybe he always sucked? Lets take a closer look…

New Simonson 2012 (these are random images I found online, perhaps I can scan some soon that may really get my point across, however if you are reading Avengers currently you know what I mean) :

Walt Simonson 1980’s:

Well Walt all I ask is that you put a little more effort into it dude! It’s clear you got the skills still, maybe you don’t think you need to prove anything? Well I’ll be watching closely for a return to form


  1. Timmy!

    walts skills have gotten better. i like the art youve shown, a damn sight better than whats been thrown at the avengers recently. walt is a legend and the panels youve provided reflect that. i’m on team walt

    • petersaturday

      I will have to scan in some better examples…I am on team
      Walt too but I don’t think his skills have gotten better. I also think Bendis has hit a low point too. Maybe with Marvel now he will return to form as well?

      • Timmy!

        bendis is a hack, always has been always will be… i am tired of almost EVERYTHING he does… marvel gives the man too much power and he runs crazy with it. someone needs to sit him down and bitchsmack his face off

  2. petersaturday

    I see bendis ride his bike by my shop here in pdx everyday. nothing can top his daredevil and early avengers stuff!!

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