Is There an Alternate Version of “The Thing” 2011 Prequel?

I finally got around to watching “The Thing” 2011 prequel I have been trying to avoid for so long. The original 1982 movie of the same name is probably my favorite monster movie of all time! So giving this new movie a chance after hearing about how shitty it was really was a hard thing to do-but I decided to see for myself if the movie sucked as bad as the reviews suggested. My verdict? Yeah it was pretty damn sucky.

First of all this movie was really not much of a prequel. It was basically a remake that tried to do everything the original did but just ten times less impressive. Sure it linked at the end to the Carpenter version but overall this movie didn’t bring anything new to the table. The story was pretty bland, as were the characters even though the movie was pretty well shot and looked very similar to the original-all except for the special effects.

Now we all know that the 1982 version is really the king of practical monster effects. It still remains to this day as perhaps the most creepy and realistic looking effects on screen. The new version however looked as fake and pathetic as ever. Like something out of DOOM interacting with real people. But was it always meant to be that bad? I guess not. The movie originally boasted that no CGI would be used and from what I have read 80% of it was shot with bad ass practical monster effects. Then when the movie was show to the studio they were told the monsters were too slow and they needed the monsters to be jumping around more ect. So they had to go back and reshoot and mostly cover up the old effects with CGI to give it a more modern look. By modern it ended up getting a more fake video gamey look that the kids love so much today. Anyway I am curious-is there a version out there with the original effects?! How about releasing a special edition original cut version? Well here’s a little video that shows you some of the magic that could have been in the 2011 version…



  1. Tim Tal

    I second that thought on the original “Thing” being the king of practical monster effects. Still considered best by many, including me, since 1982. The remake-prequel was good, but effects wise not as “punching” as the original.

    By the way, ADI (studio that did the SFX work in thing2011) said they did their best, and it doesn’t always depend on them what the final product may be.

    Nonetheless, I enjoyed the remake as well. Among the trashy horror movies that we’re being fed these days, it was somewhat decent.

    • petersaturday

      I think the thing 2011 was sufficient, but it could have been mind blowing. Just another missed opportunity by big time Hollywood to truly please the fans. Isn’t there anyone out there in Hollywood that knows what the die hard cult fans really want? As much as I want Evil Dead 4 I bet it would be a CG infested heap of trash-I don’t trust Raimi anymore even after his “decent” Drag me to hell, he almost hit a home run. Almost.

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