The Evolution of the CG Hulk….

Yesterday there was a brand spankin’ new image of The Hulk released to the public for the upcoming Avengers movie. I must admit it’s the best most realistic looking one yet but to really be certain it’s perfect we’ll have to see this once again entirely computer generated character in the flesh or um…pixels or whatever it is on screen moving around with living breathing real human beings. Lets face it the last two Hulks were pretty piss poor and personally I rather see Lou Ferrigno back with the ripped jeans and green paint than more of this poorly done cg. However this still shot of the Hulk does look pretty dang nice and I am willing to keep an open optimistic mind about ol’ Jade Jaws until I see it for real. Lets though take a look at all three of these cg fakers and see if the new image actually holds up…

First the Ang Lee CG “dumb jock football player” Hulk…

Verdict: Wow this one looks even worse than I remember! What is that live action Shrek doing onscreen with Jennifer Connelly?! Did George Lucas do this cg version of The Hulk on his lunch break?! This one has GOT to be one of the worst cg charcters of all time!!

Second we have the Ed Norton “totally ripped” Hulk…

The verdict: This one actually looked pretty good….as long as there weren’t any real human beings on screen with him! This one at least got the look and spirit of The Hulk correct. Plus he wasn’t twenty five feet tall like the “Jolly Green Giant” Hulk that Ang Lee gave us. Still this version of The Hulk was to me quite a disappontment.

Lastly we’ve got a newly released shot of the “Joss Whedon can do no wrong” Hulk…

Verdict: This one is hands down the most realistic looking one yet but that don’t mean squat til we see him standing next to Robert Downey Jr. I am willing to bet this one could win the prize, but if it doesn’t well three strikes and you’re out CG Hulk!! With that said we still have the Guillermo De Toro Hulk to look forward to and I am sure that one will deliver the goods…



  1. christopher

    I still think Ripped Hulk looked bad ass and Silly jock hulk had his moments but over all was badly done…New hulk has a ferrigno face and that is awesome!!

    • petersaturday

      Yeah i think new hulk looks ok, but me and my friends watched the most recent avengers trailer and came to the conclusion that thus far he still looks pretty fakey!! 😦

  2. Dan

    Spoilt brats the lot of ya, the Ang Lee Hulk suffers only from the horrible toxic green and being 15 ft tall, the actual CG is pretty amazing, if you were to look carefully you can see the detailing that went into it, I bet if it were stop motion capture people would have less of a problem but people just have to find fault with computer generated characters. Why!!!.

    The Avengers Hulk of course look a hell of a lot better than the two previous but all are still amazing work. PS: If you wanna choose the worse CG character of all time try looking at the Scorpion King at the end of The Mummy Returns.

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