The Hunt for Manimal!!!

I don’t know what got me started today but I am on a rabid hunt for one of the most rad 80’s series of all time “Manimal”!! What you don’t remember that one? Of course not it was only on for like 3 months before they cancelled that shit way back in1983! What the hell is a Manimal you ask? Well it’s a rad doctor dude who pretty much has everything going for him and then add on top of it one other interesting quality….he can turn into any damn animal he wants to at will! How rad is that?!

 Well apparently people back in 1983 were brain dead because the little bits and peices I did remember of the show were even more mindblowing upon watching them on Youtube today! They pretty much show him transforming into all kinds of intense animals, for instance check Manimal out as he transforms into a fucking falcon below!

How cool was that? Yeah and pretty much every tranformation is like five minutes long, and the funny thing is is that when he transforms back into a “man” he has all of his damn clothes on everytime! What the hell? He seems to suffer the same condition as Bruce Banner did in the 80’s cartoon-everytime he changed back he had all his clothes on too-and they were like brand spankin’ new! So I have been on a hunt for it today as I’d like to get the whole series and bring the Pilot “Movie” to a bad movie night-as It would be bound to be a hit. Watch here as he transforms into a damn snake!

And check this out as he turns into a bad ass panther! Even the tigers and lions are like WTF?!!

From what I understand special effects wizard Stan Winston was behind the transformations-no wonder why they rule so hard! Anyway I am really hoping the series gets released soon on dvd, why they cancelled this show is beyond me….never forget….MANIMAL!!

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