Recent DVD Scores!!

Well it was my birthday recently and I decided it was time to add some new gems to my dvd collection! So these here movies are recommendations for every dork’s collection! So let’s not waste any time here, these are what I scored! All of these are available on dvd-though you may have to do a little searching around…

First up is Neon Maniacs-I will tell you right off the bat this movie is BAD! But bad in a very good way! As you can tell from the trailer this one has got all the goods for a terribly bad good 80’s horror flick!

Next I got Return to Oz-this one is just as good as the original movie and serves as an amazingly dark sequel! If you haven’t seen this yet-it’s a cult classic!

Next I got “Vamp”! This is one great 80’s Vampire flick that’s often forgotten-It stars Chris Makepeace (of My Bodyguard-which is equally awesome) and Grace Jones! See what happens when teenagers in the 80’s decide to hit the strip clubs in the darkest parts of town-a classic! Oh yeah let’s not forget Long Duck Dong either!

I blogged about “Spooky Encounters” and I immediately purchased this rad kung fu horror flick from 1980-like Evil Dead meets Bruce Lee-Sammo Hung the Fat Dragon rules!!

Next was Razorback-the BEST big Pig movie ever…

Lastly is movie I haven’t got yet-it’s in the mail though-it’s the latest Joe Dante movie “The Hole” and I’m pumped to see it. It hasn’t been released here in the states yet but I found a chinese copy of it I hope it lived up to the hype-Does Joe ever really let us down??

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