The New Small Screen Hulk: Human or Cg?

So I am quite sure you have all heard the news out there about Marvel’s big plan to reboot the Incredible Hulk television show. I was personally quite surprised at the idea but at the same time excited and upset. The original  tv show was one of my all-time favs as a kid and even as an adult I own the episodes on dvd and still will argue that good ol’ Lou Ferrigno is the best Hulk to hit the big or small screen. So what does this all mean for the upcoming tv show?

Rumor has it that it will feature a similar storyline with the “Banner on the Run” theme once again. This all sounds great when you look back at the old series, but still there must be a reason why the two movies were never really that well recieved. When Lou Ferrigno was aksed why the show was such a success and the movies tanked he hit the nail on the head as he replied “Because it’s not human and you can’t connect with the Hulk because it’s CGI. It needs to be more emotional. It’s very hard with CGI”. That reason alone is why Marvel will continue to drop the ball with the Hulk over and over. Let’s face it the Hulk first of all looked incredibly fake in the last two movies-almost like he was pulled straight out of an Xbox game and stuck along side real actors.

 Now I will agree with the fact that as the Hulk Lou looked a little like a man with green paint running around with ripped jeans on. But seriously think about it-at least he was actually there on set, roaring with emotion actually interacting with real actors. That’s what the Hulk has missed-he’s merely a video game character super imposed into a real world set.

 No matter how much “motion capture” technology they use he’s still gonna look fake as shit and ultimately the end product will be once again unbeleivable. I can only imagine that the cg imagery that they will use for the tv series will be a step below the movies that we’ve seen. So how the hell are they gonna pull this one off?

Perhaps it’s time to go back and employ a little organic feel to the show-maybe the Hulk doesn’t have to be entirely cg? Maybe they can use the original idea they planned for Norton’s movie which was heavy make up, animatronics and limited cg to bring the character to life? So why not give it a try? Or why not go old school and find another Lou Ferrigno? How exciting would that be? Instead though it seems that we’re gonna get more of the same, meaning we’ll all have a great time watching Shrek bounce around and smash shit once again only this time a little less believable on the small screen….come on Marvel surprise us!   


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