Who Said New Horror Movies Suck?? Doghouse Delivers the Goods!

I just finished viewing a great horror comedy that was just released this week on dvd for everyone’s Halloween viewing pleasure. ‘Doghouse’ is little a British film that certainly delivers the laughs and gore a’plenty-ala Shaun of the Dead and Severance. The plot is simple, nine middle aged men set off for a weekend of drunken mayhem to a little village in the middle of the woods called ‘Moodley’ where apparently the females outnumber the males four to one. What they arrive to however is a bit more mayhem than they bargained for as it seems this little resting place turns out to be filled with psychotic mutated she-beasts!

 That’s pretty much it folks, if you have short attention span and feel like drinkin’ a few beers this halloween with your fellow fiends you best put this little gem high up on your list of movies to see. This little testosterone fueled adventure is pretty much non stop fun from start to finish. It seems that the government has been experimenting on a virus that seemingly only affects women turning them into raging mutating killers.

 It’s a great little simplistic horror comedy jam packed with schlocky gore (no CG either yay!) and alot of ridiculous scenarios with which I must say some pretty neat-o monets of originality. So if you’re perplexed on what to see this freaky ‘ween season and are craving a cool movie you’ve never seen before check this shit out-just make sure you got enough beer-because that’s a must for viewing this little gem!

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