PLEASE Reboot The League of Extraordinary Gentleman!!

It’s funny but sometimes there are certain movies I actually want to be remake or in this case rebooted. The movie at hand here is The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and if you have seen this steaming pile of shit of a movie from 2003 then you know exactly why I am starting the campaign right here at Universal Dork to get this rebooted and done the right way! So it would seem kinda weird huh since the movie was released a mere seven years ago right? Well think about how fast The Incredible Hulk was rebooted, now Spider-man and the Fantastic Four. So why not The League? Though the movie was pretty well cast Stephen Norrington still managed to totally fuck it up. God damn they even managed to get Sean Connery cast as Quartermain!

Did he ever even read the comic book? If so did he just decide to trash it on purpose with an unmemorable, generic pile of Hollywood bull shit dumbed down for the masses? The answer most likely is YES. It’s really no secret that the movie sucked the big one real hard so what I think is that we need a good director say like Zack Snyder to reboot this thing and make it the movie it should have been. It had, like the book, the potential to be a grand adventure  in the same vein as Indiana Jones.

It also should have retained some of the grit of the original series-we could have lost Tom Sawyer, who apparently was a twenty something  secret agent (lame), Dorian Gray and stuck to the characters of the book that worked so well. If there was ever a movie that needed to be redeemed it is this, and maybe Daredevil. Hey what could we do to get Christopher Nolan attached to a Daredevil reboot? Is it just me or does DC just seem to have more style to their films?

Anyway I am saying it here-let’s get the momentum for ‘League’ to get rebooted by the time it’d see the light of day it’d probably be close to ten years since that last peice of shit was pushed out-besides I think most people have already forgotten about it entirely-C’mon Zack  let’s get it done the right way!

Incase you forgot this turd here’s the trailer again…

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