Here Come The Avengers!!

October is going to be a good month for Tv we got The Walking Dead premiering and another rad little cartoon set to be out on the 20th! The Avengers! I must say that so far from the previews that this looks like it’s gonna be a fun little cartoon. I was caught right away when I saw the Wrecker and then later in the preview it looks like an Avengers “Breakout” type storyline is set to happen as well. I pretty excited also for an Avengers line up featuring the Hulk too and glimpses of other classic Avengers making the cut to like the Black Panther is rad.

 It looks like they got the villains to keep them busy too. Supposedly the debut will feature the Avengers up against one of my fav villains ever-Modok! 

 The animation ain’t too shabby either but whatever god-awful song they decided to stick in that trailer just has to go! It’s making me even more pumped for the movie now and I even more curious what villains are being planned for the movie? I’ll take an Avengers vs. The Wrecking Crew battle on the big screen anytime! Or abrush with A.I.M. & Modok! Let’s also hope that Hank Pym becomes Giant Man for the movie too- Here’s the trailer:

So far this is looking alot better than the 90’s Avengers cartoon-don’t you think?? 

For some good Avengers history check thses out:

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