World’s Greatest Puppet Themed Music Videos! Part 2!

Ok so here we are again with some more puppet themed videos!! Hell yeah! So here are a couple more music videos that feature some rad puppets-The first up is Interpol’s “Evil”. As I am not a big fan of the band what I can tell you is that I’m a huge fan of that creepy ass puppet they got in their damn video!! See the band just made themselves totally rad by having a cool puppet in their video-see it’s not that hard to make it I tell you if you just rely on the skills of a puppet and ride it’s coat tails all the way to the top!!! check it:

Ok next up is Weezer’s “Keep Fishin'”. I think we can all kinda agree that Weezer now days just kinda blows and I think Rivers has caught onto that. That’s why he decided to get the mother fucking Muppets into his band’s video! See this a common practice of bands that either aren’t that good or have somehow lost their magic. My simple rule proves true again-add a damn puppet to a music video and suddenly the song rocks ten times harder…

One comment

  1. Christopher

    I love interpol!!! That video was my first exposure to them I was not disapointed once I delved in deeper 🙂 Weezer lost me as fan years ago and not even the muppets can make em cool again for me 😦

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