George Romero Blows & So Does Peter Vincent!!

Ok here’s the deal. Last night I finally decided to give George Romero’s “Survival Of The Dead” a chance as it was just released on dvd. You hear that? I finally decided to give the NEW Romero Zombie flick a chance! Ten years ago saying that would have meant I was completely crazy as imagining a new zombie movie from him back then being released would have been a gift from god. I was less than impressed with his last two movie quite honestly and this one seals the deal for me for good. I just don’t give a shit about new Romero movies. I actually got more enjoyment from the latest Direct to dvd Kevin Costner horror movie!

 I can tell you honestly I didn’t even finish the movie. I am putting my foot down and refusing to watch anymore zombie  movies with shitty cg bood and gore. Especially one made by George. Believe me this one’s got cg gore galore-it’s effects look like they came straight out of the first Resident Evil game! Seriously the effects in this movie are practically unwatchable. Tom Savini must cringe at this bullshit. Don’t people get it that cg gore and blood looks like shit? Especially George Fucking Romero?! I am a true horror fan and because of that alone I can finally say I’m done. Who knows though at this point-maybe I’m just zombie’d out too? Thinking that has me hoping The Walking Dead tv series renews my interest…

Secondly I just saw an image from the upcoming Fright Night remake over at Shock Til You Drop this morning too. It’s from teaser poster and It’s a picture of the new Peter Vincent and boy does he look like a TOTAL douche bag!!

I’m pretty sure this movie is going to seriusly blow as they seem to have a hard time making anything look remake wise  look remotely cool anymore and with the Twilight phenomenon going on STILL all vampire movies are pretty much guaranteed to suck. I’m sorry but Fright Night was one of the BEST vamp movies ever made-It just really bums me out to see this Chris Angel looking version of Peter Vincent. Roddy Mcdowell had some serious charm in that role, and back then they were’nt concerned with trying to make him look all sexy or like he walked out of an Axe Body Spray commercial.

  It also scares me to think of how bad the big vampire mouth of Charlie Brewster’s girlfriend is going to look when it’s all cg’d and shitty looking in the upcoming movie…oh well at least they can never take the original away from us, they can only tarnish it’s good name….   


  1. jessika

    it’s sad. i remember thinking he was cool, and now it’s a CHEESE FEST with dumb cg! i miss when horror movies were GOOD, fun and scary.

  2. Christopher

    I agreed with you all they way until you called him George lucas romero…I dont care what anyone says I still think Lucas is a brilliant filmmaker.I love the prequels they turned me into a bigger star wars fan then I was when they came out actually the prequels turned me into a star wars nut lol.The last Indiana Jones was great too as great as temple of doom?Nay for no movie can ever top KALIIMAAA!!! But yeah back to the real subject fuck Romero he shoulda left dat bitch at home(meaning he shouldnt have even tried to make anoither movie)

  3. sheaehs

    that fright night poster is a step beyond doucebag, its mega pretentious, seriously. the lightning with tribal gearshaft tattoo backdrop & chain crotch pants? whiiif!! yeah, the cg teeth are going to be so awful.

    i rewatched DAWN OF THE DEAD a few nights ago & its just so amazing. i think romero held a grudge all through the 2000’s for major film studio’s funding the remake but not his current screenplays? for a while i was all about his cause. now? i still think he has the potential to do something great, but listening to him talk on the commentary, he sounds resigned and bored with the zombie genre itself. so why is he even trying?

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