Go For It!!

I thought it’d be cool to share a couple videos with you here that fellow contributor Eljamez filmed and collaborated on here at Universal Dork. I being a personal fan of awkward, quirky humour am a big fan of these and am trying to get him to make some more videos.  He of course as well helped out and filmed the Mister Saturday “Get Your Own” box Video which, well what the hell-I’ll post again here! There’s just not enough damn shameless self promotion here at Universal anyway! Anyway the first video is one of my fav’s for the faux pilot to the show “Going For it” had it been developed more I’m sure it would have rivaled Three’s Company of Perfect Strangers anyday! check it out:

Next up is “The Visit” this is well, um just try and make sense of this one….

Ok lastly is once again the Mister Saturday video-hey this is my damn blog I can post this shit as much as I want!! Ok well if you haven’t already check out my dj reggae stylee in the video that is a tribute to the most addictive snack crackers on the market…


    • petersaturday

      thanks dude! I hopefully will finish a couple new songs I have started soon!! a new vid would rule!!

    • petersaturday

      James-sorry to say but you’ll never get a better chance to film D&D than the previous game where there was the “did you know that I will kill you if you betray me” conversation. That would have been a youtube hit!!!!DAAAAAMN!!!

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