James Cameron on the Fantastic Voyage??

Ok first off I wanna say I’m sorry for the lull in the blogs for the past few days but I am temporarily out of internet service which can make blogging a bit difficult! Hopefully this will be resolved by the weekend but for the moment I am catching a wireless signal on my roomie’s laptop! So I figured I should at least put up a quick blog!

Anyway it’s news to me but today I found out that there is indeed going to be a remake of one of my all time fav sci fi movies: Fantastic Voyage! If you have yet to see the original you best rent that as soon as possible as it is truly fantastic. The 1966 movie is pretty amazing as a submarine and it’s crew are shrunk down and injected in to the body of a dying man racing against time to repair a blood clot in his brain. The only problem is after an hour inside the body it’s immune system will be able to detect them. Now imagine this movie made in 1966-no cg. You might think it’d be a simply ridiculous looking movie. Not the case, for it’s time and even now I’d say the movie still has some great visuals and a helluva alot of charm.

So now apparently James Cameron is set to produce the remake which will most likely be a huge cg festival. Yeah and you guessed it to it’s gonna be in 3-D-what a surprise huh? I however love the story so much I am still pumped to hear this is finally green lit. As of right now however there’s no one set to direct hopefully Cameron will decide to jump into the director’s chair at least that way we’ll know the cg at least is in good hands! Oh yeah incase you didn’t know Raquel Welch also stars in the original!!! Um that’s reason enough for me..

One comment

  1. christopher

    I miss ya brutha hope you get the net back soon!! Im very excited for this remake Im gonna rawk the original in my netflix soon…See remakes are a good thing they continue the legacy of the Originals =)

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