1977 Was a Good Year for Trolls and Monsters!

Hey there! So I am finally back on the blog after a little hiatus without any internet access for about a week-but never fear you can listen to my incoherent babbling consistantly once again! Anyway I just had to blog about one of my favorite books EVER as a child. It was simply titled “Favorite Tales of Monsters and Trolls” and it came out in 1977 by Random House. Let me tell you, as a kid you couldn’t pry this particular book out of my hands with a crowbar and a stick of dynamite!! Yeah the book is that cool! So first off any older dorks out there with kids need to hunt this down and read this book to your kids before bed. I am sure you can find it on ebay or I know for a fact they have a few copies for sale on Amazon.

Anyway I must say first off that this book  has some of the coolest most beautiful artwork ever seen in a childrens book and some of the best images of trolls you are ever likely to see. The artist John O’brien beautifully illustrates this book with incredible detail. Everytime you look at a picture you’ll notice something new. Infact I love the art sooo much that I plan on getting a new tattoo based off of one of the images from this book. Second it has three stories retold byGeorge Jonsen that all involved, you guessed it Trolls and Monsters!! The first being the classic “Three Billy Goats Gruff”, the second a lesser know tale called “The Trolls and The Pussy Cat” and finally my personal fav “Stone Cheese”! All three stories involve outwitting trolls-how cool is that??

The book spans roughly 34 pages and even as an adult it’s still a fun read and if you’re a fan of trolls this the book for you! So next time your kid wants you to read him some lame Elmo story or whatever the kids are reading this day pick up a copy of Favorite Tales of Monsters and Trolls and get their imagination to work overtime!


  1. Max

    Thank you for discussing this book! I have been looking for it for many many years, but only just got the idea to look online–your blog entry was super helpful, thanks!

    • petersaturday

      Hey I am SOOO pleased that someone else appreciated this blog about that book! I am considering getting a tattoo based on one of the pics!!

  2. pet

    Wow that was one of my favourite books when i was younger!!! I could just scan the illustrations forever, they were awesome. I was always sad that nobody else knew the treasure that was this book. I wish the stories were online to read.

    • petersaturday

      I am so glad other people appreciate this book-If I ever have a kid-i’m reading him this one every night! I am even considering a tatoo based on one of the illustrations!!

  3. Wren

    oh man, I’m so glad you posted this. I expected to be hunting the internet for hours to find even a mention of it, and I found it in three seconds! I loved this book as a child and love the art so much I cut it all out and taped it all over my walls.

    I was hoping to find the artist’s name tho ;-;

  4. Pat

    Loved reading this book to my kids and now want to read to the grandkids. You can see something different every time you look a the pages.

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