Let the Right One In Remake Pics!

So today via Moviehole I finally saw some stills from the upcoming remake of Let The Right One In, quite possibly one of greatest most unique vampire movies ever made. I have been severely skeptical about this particular remake now entitled “Let Me In” because simply the original is flawless. I only hope that this new American version ends up like “The Ring” remake which actually improved upon the original. The only thing now that this remake has going for it is Kick-Ass’ Chloe Mortez starring in it as the young vampiric Eli . I’ve got my fingers crossed!


  1. kozmikfish

    It is going to have to be really good to beat the original which was flawless. I do not wish to offend but a lot of U.S remakes are not as good as the originals and they tend to take something away from the original. Part of me wishes remakes didn’t happen, it just seems that if you can not come up with an original idea, re-make someone elses. Just hope that the core of the story, the emotional relationship and inter-dependance that develops between the two main characters isn’t lost in a formulaic re-make

    • petersaturday

      I agree this movie is going to be sooo hard to top! Why not just re-release the orginal for a wide theatrical release here in the USA instead.

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