The Mighty Thor Finally Revealed!

So here we go finally! A first glimpse at the Chris Hemsworth Thor this evening! What did you think? Do you think this is going to be the next Iron Man?? So far so good I say! It’s got a little of the old Thor and a bit of the Ultimates Thor. I personally thought they were going to go all the way with portraying him as the Ultimates version but this first pic proved they’ve left a little something for the die hard fans. I know in this pic the legendary helmet and Mjolnir (his mighty hammer) is missing but who knows he may have just stepped out of the shower! Either way this is good news as it takes us one step closer to The Avengers movie! What do you think?


  1. Raz

    I’m a huge Thor fan from back in the 80’s. I try not to judge the comics vs. the movies as comics have a much larger context in which to work. A movie has to tell an entire story in 2 hours. Comics are almost infinite.

    I have high hopes, but am nervous. Any word on the villian? Loki, Kurse, Thanos anything like that?

    • petersaturday

      I think the movie will be good! I heard that the villain will be Loki and I think the Enchantress! Kurse would be so rad!

  2. christopher

    I think it looks perfect!Im so excited about this movie Thor is one of my favorite Marvel Heroes.I first discovered him in the T.V movie The Incredible Hulk Returns!Not the best portrayal of him but hey it got me into Thor comics :)Oh MR Saturday I went to Free comic book day yesterday and bought me up some epic Captain America Issues!!

    • petersaturday

      ha ha! yeah that Incredible hulk returns was a funny one! Daredevil was an even worse portrayal in the Trial of the incredible Hulk! what issues of cap did you get? Have you read the winter soldier story yet??

  3. christopher

    I got 309 415 417 422 and 424 Ive read 309 and its all about Nomad discovering his true potential by hanging out with Madcap! Its a really good issue even though the Cap is barely in it.I havent read the winter soldier story yet what issue numbers are those??

    • petersaturday

      The winter soldier is a newer storyline-so epic! About bucky’s return!! P.s. I love mad cap!!

    • petersaturday

      Yeah I am pumped to check it out I hear there are going to be some even newer avengers titles too!

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