Barbarians! Barbarians! Barbarians!

I was just reminded of a wretchedly epic movie from the 80’s this week called “The Barbarians” from fellow part-time dork Eljamez. I haven’t seen this movie since I was a kid and to be honest don’t remember much of it at all. I can remember seeing the vhs cover to this movie at the video store when I was a kid and then finally seeing it over at a friend’s house as we were all about Conan The Barbarian.

 At the time we probably thought this movie was the raddest shit EVER. Today however I’d probably enjoy it in a much different light as you will be able to tell by the preview, it ain’t exactly an academy award nominee! However you will notice Optimus Prime is narrating! RAD!


 At the time “The Barbarians” was obviously capitalizing on the overly muscular dudes kicking ass in the realm of fantasy ala Arnold. So naturally after witnessing this trailer once again I just had to find this movie on dvd! However I could not find it on my online dvd rental account and was only able to find one copy of it on vhs on ebay.  Anyway While searching the online account I added two flicks to my queque which are also of similar names and boy do they look like stinkers- check it out…

First is a flick I am totally pumped to check out! It’s called “The New Barbarians” and it looks like a 5th rate attempt to be a Road Warrior rip off!

 I have a feeling this one is a first rate contender for our next Bad Movie Night!

The next one I added was a movie from 1990 called Time Barbarian! Yeah you guessed it a Barbarian get’s sent to modern day to find and evil wizard named Mandrak! You may recognize the lead character, Deron Mcbee, who also recently starred as Thor in Curb Your Enthusiam!

This one looks like a real turd as well! I couldn’t even find a trailer for this on You Tube just this one clip. However I think Troma may have re-released it. This one has got some serious shit potential as well! Check it out!

So yeah if you’re looking for some idiotic barbaric action check these out. Also if you just cant get enough of the Barbarian Brothers who’s real names are Peter & David Paul you may wanna check out this clip from one of their other flicks, Twin Sitters!!  I am guessing this must have come out around the time of Kindergarten Cop!

Oh and here’s  another Barbarian Brothers movie Double Trouble. I bet this came out around the same time as Van Damme’s Double Impact- what do you think? oh man these guys are on fire! No wonder their career didn’t go too far… 

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