Kick-Ass Kicks Some Ass But Still Not Enough….

The last week I have been on an epic cross country road trip with a good friend of mine so I haven’t been able to hit the bloggin’ at all. But now having arrived safely at home in Portland Oregon this weekend there was really only one last thing I needed to get accomplished. Go see Kick -Ass! Yeah I have been covering the movies developments pretty heavily here since the comic book has been one of my favs for quite some time. So the wait was finally over and I walked into the theaters with my fingers crossed.

Did the movie deliver? Well sorta if you’d never read the comic book. In fact if you have never read the comic book this may be one of the best “superhero” comic book movies you’ll ever see. If you have the choice though I would definately pick up the comic book after seeing this-It’s only going to improve the experience ten fold. I first  however must commend them for making Kick-Ass with an “R” rating because if it hadn’t had it I probably wouldn’t have even bothered with this film at all. But there was true promise for something special here, despite the fact that Nic Cage was starring in the film which can often times worry me a great deal (I won’t ever let him live down his mind retarding acting job from The Wicker Man).

Ok, I will say the film was for the most part well cast, well acted and alot of  dumb fun. It was pretty damn violent also (however cg blood still totally drives me crazy! Get over this stupid ass totally boring phenomena already and start mixing the red dye & corn syrup by the barrel!) and it had to be to get Roger Ebert to call the film “morally reprehensible” right? Well apparently Ebert never read the fucking comic book!!! If he did he’d most likely piss himself while simultaneously having a heart attack! Compared to the comic book this movie is honestly a cake walk . That could be one of the only major problems I had with the movie. Sure Nicholas Cage kinda irritated me a bit as he over acted his way through the role of Big Daddy. Yeah the fact that  Dave Lizewski get’s the girl in end bothered me quite a bit actually and the jet pack thing?  Seriously??? That was incredibly lame. Honestly though, at the end of the day it was some good fun just as the comic book is and I fully understand that somethings need to “change”  to please the american audiences, but for the most part they got it right. It’s destined to be somewhat of a cult classic… 

The best part of the movie is easily, hands down, Chloe Grace Moretz who steals the show as Mindy (AKA Hit Girl), an 11 year old vigilante. The real deal. This is the aspect of the movie that Ebert seems to be most upset with. But what Ebert probably doesn’t understand is that as far as an adaptation, her character was the most well represented aspect of the comic book in the entire film! Sure I thought Aaron Johnson did a fine job as Kick-Ass and Christopher Mintz-Plasse was great as Red Mist but the real fun comes when Moretz is kicking ass on film. There’s some mighty fine action as well and though no where near as brutal as the comic book, it was alot more violent than I imagined Hollywood would have the balls to showcase. Though Matthew Vaughn did a decent job for the masses, to really nail this flick they really needed a Tarantino or Rodriguez in the director’s seat. I have heard alot of rave reviews from critics who have clearly never read the actual book, but seriously read the book it’s hands down a perfect thriller, action story and then some..

So from what I have heard thus far is that the film has been a box office disappointment, but I think once the word gets out it’ll gain a little more momentum and Rogert Ebert’s whiny comments are only making people that much more interested. However putting an “R” Rating on a comic book movie today seems like a bad idea, only again proving that perhaps comic books are truely best left in their far superior paper pages….

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