“The Room” exceeds the hype!

I am sure many people out there have already witnessed “The Room” perhaps even several times but if not I’d go out this in your list of movies to see immediately! What is The Room? It’s the worst film ever made. At least that’s what it has been tagged as for quite sometime now. To me that’s a mighty strong claim as I have seen and enjoyed many  bad movies in my time.

 Even after hearing all the hype around it, reading articles in the local paper, interviews with Tommy Wiseau (the movies maker) and it recently playing in several different theaters here in PDX I still somehow figured I had already seen the worst of the worst in my time.I however was wrong.

 This last Saturday night a friend of mine brought The Room over and we had a little viewing party. I must say, yeah this movie delivered the ultimate shit sandwich with extra mayo on it! There’s really no way I can describe The Room, at times (especially during the beginning) it feels like a cheap cinemax softcore porn movie. The only difference is any cheap cinemax soft core movie would seem like an academy award winner next to giant brilliant turd!

 Now the films director, producer, writer and star Tommy Wiseau spent over 7 million dollars making the film and has now went on to say it was intended as a black comedy, however the actors have all publically went on record saying when the movie was made in 2003 Wiseau was dead serious on making an epic drama. There are so many things wrong about this movie that make it such classic already. It really just has to be seen to be believed.

 I may be a little late here with this info but after seeing it finally I really felt compelled to hype it up myself here at Universal Dork where bad movies are loved.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you-if you can’t appreciate a bad movie stay far away from The Room or risk suffering severe brain damage!


  1. shea

    i’d think he was stepping on her lines but it was probably scripted that way. amazing! i have to see this. i also hear BIRDEMIC is about as awful as THE ROOM so perhaps a double feature is an order?

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