Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Greatest Cartoon Brawls: Part 3!

If you have NEVER seen Fire & Ice you better run to the video store immediately or head to Netflix! This has got to be one of the coolest animated movies ever made! Created in the 80’s by Ralph Bakshi & the legendary Frank Frazetta this has got to be one of the greatest fantasy epics ever.

Amazing animation, ultra violent and full of cool monsters this cartoon will blow your mind! It has alot of amazing fight scenes as well and that’s why I tried my best to find a couple of my favorite clips of the film on you tube with some great brawls.

 The second a clip of the movie has Helloween playing in the background and well you really can’t go wrong with that! Check these clips out!  



  1. petersaturday

    yeah good stuff! Have you ever seen this movie???!!EPIC! Alaso have you seen the Bakshi Lord of the Rings?? pretty awesome too!

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