Anime Wolverine? NO thanks!

I must say I just saw the worst version of Wolverine ever! It’s anime Wolverine from the upcoming animated Marvel japanese feature due out this year! I actually thought that nothing could top the crappy-ass version we got of Wolverine in his solo flick until now. Now I’ve not actually seen anything other than this trailer and I’m willing to give it a fair shot but really this was the BEST they could come up with?? Lancer from Robotech with some claws???!! Check it out for yourself maybe I’m just totally crazy here but I seen some manga versions of Wolverine that looked pretty damn rad. So what gives here?

 Why give Wolvie the worst hair-do of all time?? And what the hell, is Wolverine now anorexic? I am also not entirely but is Wolverine now a woman? Oh well at least they gave him claws!

Oh and since we were on the subject of Lancer from Robotech let’s check him out as he rocks as Yellow Dancer with his band! Wow did he make some totally uncatchy plain shitty music!


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