Bryan Singer back to Direct X-MEN!!

I just read some fantastic news, It seems Bryan Singer WILL be returning to the X-men movie franchise! I just read an article on that Singer is planning on directing X-men “Origins: First Class” which will follow the early days of original movie X-men, Cyclops, Beast, Storm and Jean Grey. I think this is an excellent idea though part of me wishes he would have jumped on board for the next Wolverine movie which I’m sure now will be another major dud.

I guess then this would be a whole new casting call for the younger versions of the X-men. Perhaps too they will throw in a couple more recruits to make the mix just perhaps a little more interesting. I am thinking maybe Thunderbird, Banshee or even Havok could be interesting old schoolers to focus on? Hopefully this movie will take place in the 80’s as that time period would make most sense and would be a damn fun time to see onscreen .

 Now what I am really wondering is who they will choose as the villains of first class? The possibilities are pretty much endless though it might be interesting to see a younger Magneto and the forming of  the Brotherhood or perhaps the Hellfire Club? I am finally pumped again about this franchise as Singer is the only one who really got it. Welcome back…


  1. christopher

    I hope so no one else could tackle those roles,Im sad bryan singer wont get a chance to give us his “wrath of khan styled superman sequel” I think he should do both franchises!

    • petersaturday

      I am ok with him not doing a new Superman sequel. I will just watch the originals..brilliant!! Superman 2 is awesome!!

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