Peter Venkman’s busted!

So I am sure many of you heard about the recent leak of information about Ghostbusters 3 straight from Sigourney Weaver’s mouth! It seems she let the cat out of the bag about Bill Murray’s bizzare return to the franchise. No, Dr. Peter Venkman won’t be busting ghosts in the third film, it seems he’ll be the one being busted. She stated that Murray will be a Ghost in the third movie.

It was quite a surprise to me and still I’m not too sure what I think about it. I was really hoping to see the orginal Ghostbusters all back together in the world of the living. However I am quite sure that Venkman will indeed be teaming up in someway with the old team and the new recruits. I am looking forward to this movie and hopefully they capture the magic of the first two (yeah I liked Ghostbusters 2 so what?!) . If you missed the interview check out this link from, there are a few other interesting facts revealed…


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