Jonah Hex Movie, Adding up to WHAT!?!??!

Somebody please help me with this tricky story problem! If you have one deformed bounty hunter searching for a Voodoo doctor trying to raise an army of the undead and you add one really hot chick, a little bit of John Malkovich and have a metal band score the movie…WTF do you get??? Apparently this is the vision for the new Jonah Hex movie that is set for release in June 2010. Please read on.

Hex Poster

Details are thin on this new comic adaptation of a classic character, but wow am I a bit skeptical on the final product…guess I will just have to be there on the opening day to find out. But it appears that the Jonah Hex movie is shaping up to be quite the esoteric collection of different actors, story, and music. What will be the vision of director Jimmy Hayward could be an amazing experience or a complete disaster. Lets looks at some aspects that I find a bit curious and disconcerting at the same time…

Jimmy Hayward’s credentials for directing are non-existent. To date, his only directing experience was in the 2008 movie Dr. Suess’ Horton Hears a Who, and transitioning to a comic western horror flick might be a stretch. Besides one time in the directing seat, he appears to have quite the credentials in animation with Disney.

The plot seems quite curious as well. It seems that Jonah will be pit against a Voodoo Doctor that is attempting to raise an army of the undead. So we may end up with a western zombie flick. I guess that could work and it may sell more tickets that just having a one ugly bastards shooting holes in his enemies for a traditional western. And if you remember, some of the later story lines in the original comic put Jonah against some weird foes and eventually in a post-apocalyptic future in the comic HEX!

To add to the diversity, the atmospheric metal band Mastodon was tapped to score the movie. Mastodon is not your typical band, they do have a flare for some more soundtrack sounding rhythms on their albums. According to the band, Jimmy Hayward contacted them as Mastodon was his background music inspiration while writing the script.

Lastly is the casting…Josh Brolin has been cast as the venerable pit bull Jonah. I like Josh Brolin, but looking at the leaked photos of him in character, I don’t know if he will be a convincing Hex. My opinion, the makeup does not seem as extreme as is often depicted in the pages of the comic. I would like to see a grotesque deformity, not what looks like to be a nasty encounter with a hot frying pan. In addition to Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich are supporting cast. Fox is just that…hot as shit on a cold January day and I love Malkovich. In this role he will be playing Quentin Turnbull, the old foe of Jonah in the comics. I guess that each of the actors took a significant pay cut in making the film because they all dug the script and characters so much…that could be a great sign!

Brolin Hex

So what do you think is this a recipe for greatness or doom?

Before I leave this blog I have to make one last observation on casting choice. The screen shots of Brolin as Hex are just not selling me, but perhaps he will just nail the role when I see it…only time will tell. But I would like to make a late recommendation. Everyone is familiar with the scary photos of Nicolas Cage as he considered Superman.

Cage Superman

Whether these are fake or not, that would have been terrible. So of course, Nicolas had some definite super hero envy as he was then cast for Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider…not one of my favs by any means…

Cage Ghost Rider

But for some reason I look at this artist take on Hex and I can’t help but think that this might have been the comic role he would have been fit for…he sure has the wild eye and I think he could have pulled off the gruff shitting attitude very well…but then again, perhaps it is just me…

Comic Hex

Seems that Hex agrees with me arse!


  1. konales

    I hate to say it, but I agree. It kind of smells like ghost rider’s stinkin’ burning skull. Or maybe cat woman’s dirty kitty litter. All we can do is hold out hope the Jonah Hex is an awesome and classic character that they would never dare tarnish the reputation of…huh, yeah right.

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