Beware! Negadon: The Monster from Mars Blows You Away!

Well, it is not every day that you get such a treat as this…and believe me, this one was an unknown surprise. Do you like big monsters…do you like video games…do you like anime?? Then I can’t overstate my recommendation to watch Negadon: The Monster for Mars!


Oddly enough, when I located this gem it was listed on the instant streaming queue on Netflix. And it comes as premium entertainment at only a 27 minute runtime. So basically this is a computer animated short that pulls in too many great genres and forms of Japanese tv/movie/game culture and spins it into a crazy beautiful web. Please don’t let the computer animated aspect fool you…this is not Transformers Armada. Or the wonderful sibling Beastwars…way better! As I mentioned:

Do you like big monster movies – Cause this is pretty much a tribute to the old Toho Godzilla/Monster movies that we all grew up watching. The computer animation captures the miniature aspect of the backdrops. Even the motion of the tanks and ships mimics the stage set/string led action.

Do you like video games – The computer animation of the short is very reminiscent of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Do you like anime – You don’t have to be a die hard to enjoy this. The story is simple, the action is great, but the pace and design just reeks of Japanese animation. The main mech in the movie just cries Giant Robo style super robots!

The story is pretty simple. A space expedition team discovers a rock/artifact on the Mars surface and begins to take it back to Earth for closer observation. Along the way, the rock begins to become unstable and awakens…into Negadon: The Monster for Mars. Back on Earth a robotics genius is reliving his past creative failure that cost him his eye and his daughter’s life. The man has abandoned his work in light of the circumstances that is until Negadon threatens Earth; of to be more specific, you guessed it, Negadon attacks Tokyo first! So the genius guy faces his past demons and suits up in his magnificent robotic machine and goes to battle with Negadon.

Here is a trailer for this fine feature. Unfortunately, there are no English trailers for the movie but I am sure that you will get the gist. In fact, the only trailers available are handicam version from a theater…so bare with it.

Anyway, please, I implore you…head out to your local video store or just pull this up on Netflix. I has been removed from the instant queue…not sure why, probably because it was good, but I highly recommend you place it on your DVD queue.

Go giant robot big monster anime miniature toho set shit blowing up all over action!


  1. konales

    Oh there is only one, Negadon…he is not shown very much in the trailer…just for a blink can you see his eye…he is kind of a armored squid looking thing that flies. Definitely worth the watch.

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