A Bruce-less Bubba Ho-tep Prequel Scores Scrimm!

I still am bummed that the Bubba Ho-tep prequel “Bubba Nosferatu” will not have Bruce Campbell returning as Elvis. To me it simply makes no sense at all. And what ever happened with Evil Dead 4? Raimi anounced a year ago it was going to happen. It seems if it concerns Bruce these days it’s always pretty up in the air. However Ron Perlman returning as Elvis is good enough for me I suppose.


 It seems that that Bubba Nosferatu is finally getting off the ground and the good news is that horror legend Angus Scrimm will be starring as a Bela Lugosi type character who meets Elvis on the set of a vampire movie in Vegas. Could he be Elvis’s teamate or the movies villain? Either way this is great news. Also starring in the film is Paul Giamatti! So I assume this one is going to be a full on worldwide theatrical release which is quite a huge step for the cult director Coscarelli. According to Fangoria this is what Perlman had to say about it: 

Well, I have this window that’s about to open, I’ll be done shooting [his cable series] SONS OF ANARCHY in September, and we’re hoping to get into production on BUBBA in my hiatus between seasons two and three. I just spoke to [actor] Paul Giamatti [set to play Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker] and Don Coscarelli this morning, and we’re just moving the ball down the field, trying to get her done.

angus scrimm 3

Hey Perlman, when are we gonna get Hellboy 3? Or better yet  B.P.R.D. movie to hold us over! 


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