If The Orphan calls….it’s gonna be bad news in a very good way!

In response to the most recent post about the new horror flick “The Collector” being more or less a total clunker, I just had to give theater going horror fans a little hope. I realize that this movie opened up on the 24th and many of you may have already seen it, but for those of you who haven’t you need to trek on down to the theater for “Orphan”!


I was thoroughly impressed with this one. The Plot is pretty simple, married couple Kate and John are pretty torn apart about the loss of their unborn child. To rectify the situation they decide to adopt a child even though they already have two perfectly normal children already. At the orphanage they meet the “cute as a button” Esther, a nine year old child from Russia. Extremely talented and charming they are quickly swept off their feet making a snap decision to adopt her.


She appears to be a perfect addition to the family, and is a adored by their youngest deaf daughter “Max”. However their older child Daniel, a boy who’s roughly the same age as Esther thinks she’s a total “square”, refuses to accept her as his sister and humiliates her any chance he can get while their at school together. But as you can guess Esther is not your average nine year old. She’s got a temper. A bad one. She’s also extremely manipulative and soon she has nearly everyone around her believing her new stepmother Kate is an abusive, alcoholic mother with a few screws loose. What transpires in the rest of this awesome movie is a series of brutal events and thrills. It’s well shot, extremly well acted, and manages to get pretty daring by packing in some pretty uncomfortable scenes (you’ll just have to trust me on this one). Director Jaume Collet-Serra does a great job here and it’s hard to picture this as the same guy who was responsible for 2005’s “House of Wax” (which I also enjoyed). 

orphan 3

It seems that if Mccauley Culkin’s “Good Son” character were living on the same block as Esther he would have gotten his head bashed in with a hammer by her within the first thirty seconds of their meeting. Yeah this movie finally does the “kids gone crazy” genre right. Esther is truely a manical movie villain and by the end of this flick you’ll be even more creeped out by her than you’d imagined was possible. The movie is a simple yet twisted tale with a knock out ending M. Night Shyamalan only wished he was still capable of. So check this one out if you haven’t already and lock your doors when you see that strange little girl who lives in you neighborhood walking by your house!


  1. konales

    Yeah, now I am pumped to go see a movie…thanks for the recommendation. Funny thing, you mention Good Son. I kept thinking of that movie when I saw the previews for this on TV; the only good Mccauley Culkin film by the way.

    • 1frombeyond

      From the waspy family in the beautiful snow-capped county home down to the homicidal child, it’s very similar to ‘Good Son’. Creepy, truly frightening and one of the most disturbing scenes in a mainstream film that I’ve ever had to stomach (twice). Five stars!!

  2. Guy Boyman

    I was on the fence about this one, but based on the glowing remarks, I may run out to see this. The only qualm I have (aside from it reminding me a lot of that Macaulay Culkin movie) is making an orphan the heavy. Generally speaking, orphans already have a pretty hard time as it is without being portrayed as homewrecking homicidal sociopaths.

    • petersaturday

      Yeah this movie got ALOT of attention due to the fact that it portrayed an Orphan negatively. But I doubt most people will see it and actually think orphans are anything like this psycho in real life. This was a great horror flick though!

  3. konales

    Just got done watching the orphan, came in netflix recently. Awesome stuff, totally agree with the review. I think that little girl out did Mccauly for the Good Son…for sure. Creepy good stuff here.

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