Colossus get’s wasted!

One of my all time favorite X-men stories has got to be in issue #183 entitled “He’ll never make me cry” from 1984! The X-men aren’t in outerspace or saving humankind from Magneto’s twisted plans. This is the type of story I wish I would see more of these days in comic books. A day in the life type of story where you really get to know the characters. What it would be like if you could call up Wolverine and have him meet you at your local watering hole and drink yourselves silly together. This issue’s plot is simple Colossus, whose returned with the X-men from outerspace, dumps Kitty Pryde pretty harshly as he explains to her how he fell in love with another woman when on the most recent adventure with the team.  


Devastated Kitty tries to get some support and insight from the rest of the team and eventually decides to take a leave of abscence. Later that night Colossus walks the halls of the mansion, trying to clear his thoughts he runs into Wolverine who refuses to leave him alone and insists that they head into town for “a long overdue talk”. Wolverine is clearly pissed at the way he handled the situation with Kitty (whom you might remember was pretty close with Wolverine during that time-they even had a mini series together too) and tells Colossus he has “no choice” in the matter. Soon they’re off  to Wolvie’s fav bar “Monohan’s” and Nightcrawler teleports into their car calling himself their “referee” of the evening.


This is where the fun really begins, Colossus gets carded, Nightcrawler’s dressed like a beatnik in his civies and Wolverine totally schools Colossus on love & relationships. But wait, it just so happens The Juggernaut is also in the bar drinkin’ that evening. He’s even trying to get laid! As soon as Wolvie catches wind of this they try to vacate but a plastered Colossus refuses and ends up dumping his beer all over Juggy! From that point on what ensues is one of the greatest bar brawls in comic history.


The best part about it is that Wolverine and Nightcrawler sit back and watch. Wolvie  exclaims “I aim t’ sit back and enjoy the show, it’s what the boy deserves–what I was plannin’ to do to him myself”. 


Not only did Claremont write a  great truely human story but John Romita Jr. drew this issue beautifully. It reminds me of an extended version of the stories that used to appear in the last pages of Classic X-men. The stories where you could really relate to a superhero. Next time you’re at the comic shop make sure to pick up this issue-it is true back issue gold….

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