Schwarzenegger to star in new Predator flick?!

I have just read some interesting news on one of my favorite websites about good ol’ Arnold who’s been getting ALOT of attention here lately. Anyway it seems that Robert Rodriguez who is helming the new movie “Predators”  has been making calls and courting Schwarzenegger to return as “Dutch” in the new, now revealed sequel rather than a remake (thank god) . The only problem is Arnie ain’t calling back!

arnold gov

 I guess that he’s probably too busy being the governor. But when is his term gonna end dammit?! I’d rather have Arnold back making appearances in movies than hobnobbin’ around with polititcians! From what I understand though his part in the movie would not be as the main character or even supporting character, which to me is a bit disappointing. It would be pretty awesome to see him face the Predator once more or at least be forced to lead a new group of Commandos into the jungle simply because of his earlier experience alone with this creature.

arnold_then_now             Well Arnold may need to get back into shape to fight the Predator again! Or maybe he jut needs to drink that weird japanese energy drink again!

 But I’ll take what I can get here with Arnold. Just as long as they don’t CG his face on someone in this movie! It’s nice to know as well that this is not a remake and with Rodriguez behind it all I am quite sure it’s going to be an amazing sequel! For the whole story check here:

arnold-transforming                                                                                                                                                            If Arnold can get ahold of that japanese energy drink again from those weird ass commercials I posted here a few days ago the Predator is totally screwed!!! Infact the elite group of commandos are likely to mistake him for the Predator!!


  1. Guy Boyman

    I was half watching Total Recall on the Sci-Fi Channel sometime in the last 2 or 3 weeks, which I hadn’t seen in many years,a nd it all of a sudden hit me that I miss going to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Obviously I miss going to good Arnold Schwarzenegger movies more than to bad ones, but even the bad ones had their charms. He’s a great age to have played in that “King Conan” movie John Milius wanted to make a couple of years back.

    • petersaturday

      i thought king Conan would have been awesome!! Just like the comic book of the 80’s-when the hell is he done with his shitty term as governor anyway?

      • Guy Boyman

        I’m right there with you, sir. Arnold needs a post-politics late-career sci-fi renaissance period, just like when Chuck Heston made “Planet of the Apes”, “Soylent Green” and “The Omega Man” within about 6 or 7 years.

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