Summertime & The Spider-man theme park ride!! GO NOW!!

It’s finally officially summertime in Portland Oregon! I must say too it is about time!! One thing I won’t be doing in PDX this year is going to “Islands Of Adventure” and riding the Spider-Man ride. Damn!! I was lucky enough to have lived in Florida (or maybe unlucky? Cuz mostly Florida kinda blows..) for two years and got to go to this amazing theme park several times and ride the BEST theme park ride of all time over and over!!

spiderman ride


 If you have never been to Islands of Adventure in Florida (Yeah 1frombeyond that’s you!!) to the Marvel Superhero land you pretty much are missing out on the coolest shit EVER!! There they have the ultra amazing, mind blowing  Spider-Man ride. If you are a geek like me then this ride will quite possibly be one of the best experiences of you damn life, as you are essentially living a real life 3-d adventure with everybody’s fav web slinger as your guide. 

In this ride you come face to face with Spider-Man’s deadliest foes and then some! Doc Oc-check. Electro-check. Hydro-Man-check. The Hobgoblin-check. Scream? Yeah they chose Scream! Check!  They all attack you, Spidey saves you and then you get to watch them battle Spider-Man high upon the roof tops of New York City!It’s a ride that is every Fanboy & Fangirls’ dream.  Anyway I wish I was in line right now waiting to go on it again for the 5th time in one day! anyone else wanna argue that of all the theme park rides this one is the best? Bring it on! Here’s a neat little video on it:


  1. Becca

    Spiderman was killer, so killer I made my mom ride it with me. But it was The Hulk that I rode over, and over, and over. OMFG.

  2. Highball

    yah, that spidey ride was seriously bad ass….a few of my friends and I flew down there years ago the week it opened and were blown away…the week it opened the line was like 2 hours long….fortunately I had pleanty of greens and pleanty of friends w/ me so i was able to sneak away once in a while….plus there was a beer guy who had the rite idea…just chill next to the 2 hour line, and youll sell yer beer with out moving…..needless to say i got all blotto, shit was amazing! Pumpkin bombs and the Hydroman scenes are amazing…when spidy lands on your Bugle/rover vehicle and the nose tilts downward it really feels like hes there….amizing….YOU MUST DEFINITELY BE ALL STONEY!!! (one hitter in the toilet stall works great – just walk out smoking a cig)

  3. petersaturday

    I want a spider-man style 3-d ride with the HULK!! I loved the coaster but it really has nothing to do with the actual Hulk…

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