Batman: Ashes To Ashes

Hey Dark Knight fans check out this french fan made film “Batman: Ashes to Ashes”. This is a pretty visually unique mini movie even if it borrows off the Sin City style a bit too much at times. It’s different to hear a Batman story spoken in french but if anything it’s a neat little homage to the worlds most popular vigilante. I picure this as a sort of  ‘What If?’ type storyline with Bill Sienkiewicz  style artwork coming to life. Anyway It’s a neat little film that portrays the Batman universe in a whole new light. Still this doesn’t touch ‘Batman: Dead End’  (yeah I may be the only, one but I thought it was cool when the Alien and Predator show up!). It seems right now is the time to be making fan films! Keep em’ coming!

Here’s the Trailer:

I had trouble getting the full movie to appear here. It can only be seen fully in HD Dailymotion Batman: Ashes to Ashes. CHECK IT OUT!

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