100 greatest comic book villains of all time? Yeah RIGHT!

It’s late and I just got done reading Ign.com’s  Top 100 Comic book villains of all time. It was a good list I must say but I was extremely upset one particular villain didn’t make the cut! Seriously why was “Leaper Logan” left out?!!!


This guys is seriously bad ass! Plus when in costume he LOVES to say as many words that begin with the letter ‘L’ as possible! And why the hell not when BOTH of the words in his name begin with “L” for cryin’ out loud!!


 He has boots with springs in them that make him leap pretty high and suction cups on his gloves too! When he goes on his crime sprees he steals items that begin with each of the letters that spell out his criminal alias L-E-A-P-E-R L-O-G-A-N! Now that takes some serious planning! Genius! Also he has probably one of the most BAD-ASS costumes I’ve seen in a long time. Plus one of his main foes is Speedball! He needs to come back on the scene and kick Penance’s ass to the moon! Come on let’s give this amazing villains some credit!!    

Check out the Ign.com list here:  http://comics.ign.com/top-100-villains/index.html


  1. 1frombeyond

    Okay, okay…

    So I have a few things to say about this.

    I was just recently looking at the Speedball run (thank god for Goodwill on Grand) and this guy seriously “jumped” out at me. I have seen this Speedball #3 copy hanging around the Goodwill for almost 4 months now and I always am thiiiiis close to buying it.

    But whatever. My real points:

    LL should fight Batroc. My money is on a great Dan Slott written issue featuring the Great Lakes Avengers, where they get in the middle of a tussle between the two and somehow Leaper Logan beats Batroc and JOINS the GLA! Seriously! This would be great.

    Also, where the fuck is Robbie Baldwin? He was making such great progression from the ultra-lame Penance to his old Speedball self via Doc Samson. But now he just doesn’t exist?? C’Mon Marvel!

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