Terminator Time travel Craziness!!! someone explain this $%#@!

I just saw Terminator Salvation today and I liked it. It was a good solid action flick with some pretty rad special effects along with a suprise appearance from CG Arnold!! HA! It was definately a worthy addition to the franchise and had a cool story with a whole new outlook on the Terminator universe. But enough about that really because seeing this movie only got me even more riled up about the whole time travel aspect of this series. Bottom line-it makes no sense!! And if it does someone please enlighten my feeble mind!

terminator 3 pic   My name is John Connor I was born without a father! I don’t exist! Hmm I guess then I need to send my buddy back in time to make me ASAP!!

So you have Sarah Connor right? She’s living in the 80’s and has NEVER had a child right? Ok then somehow from the future there’s this guy John Connor existing, yeah he’s the son of Sarah Connor from the 80’s who has never had a child yet. So then there it’s done. It can’t happen.

terminator sal

But let’s move on. So John Connor who doesn’t exist sends back a buddy named Kyle Reese to watch over his mother and protect her from Ah-Nold . His buddy is from the future where motherless Connor lives. This guy goes back in time and then falls in love with Sarah, saves her from the terminator and then creates John. Um WHAT?!!! So then in Terminator Salvation we have John listening to tapes of his mother telling him he needs to send back Reese so that he can be born. Um…can someone tell me where this original John Connor came from?!!! Was he created spontaneously by some god with bad time travel skills??  This plot hole has bothered me for quite some time and Terminator Salvation only made it 10 times worse! So please will someone clear this all up for me? It seems to me maybe they shouldn’t have made Reese his father because it simply does not make any sense whatsoever….


  1. Tom Ales

    Could not ask that time travel question better. I have always wondered that as well. There had to be a first time that it happened! No Kyle Reese…no John Connor…hmmmmm. A definite stumper!

  2. rodney

    ok ill inform you..obviously the john connor in the future was consived by some other guy once upon a time..its only logical.then the future j.c sent back k.r to protect his past mother when the fukr impregnated her and created a whole new j.c and whole new time line.the tape hes listening to in t4 is the tapes his mother had created at the end of t2 after she,d met k.r.i dunno..does this make sense..i want it to make sense coz i love terminator but deep down i think the whole thing is suspect..and as for the s.c.c that just ruined the whole thing!!!

    • petersaturday

      Yeah i have considered that before-probably the only explanation of how john ever existed. but i just figured if it was some other father that it wouldn’t be the same person. Hmmmmm…..but i think that that HAS to be how it happened. But what now about Skynet creating all the technology from arnold’s terminator hand???

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